2132.325 – BIG BANG

March 6, 2017

– CHAPTER 6 –  He took a deep breath as the cruiser pulled up in front of the building and…

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2132.324 – BETRAYAL

March 1, 2017

Live from Flamewinds Observatory, Oseon! Two cards!  That’s all that remains in 2132!  And tonight, we will find out who will…

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2132.323 – CIVIL WAR

February 27, 2017

Live from Ameb Arcade, Lepus! The fans are on their feet as we begin the first of the three big…

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2132.322 – SUPERNOVA

February 20, 2017

Live from the Bird of Paradise Pavilion, Apis Apodis! The last SUPERNOVA of 2132 is here as we head towards…

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2132.321 – INVASION

February 19, 2017

Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania! We are heading into the final few cards of 2132 and the action in the…

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2132.320 – SURVIVAL

February 9, 2017

Live from the Juno Civic Auditorium, Asteroid Belt! The holovision screens around the arena flicker on and we see a…

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2132.319 – INVASION

February 7, 2017

Live from the Triton Pavilion, Neptune! It’s the last card before SURVIVAL and the Galaxy is anticipating a huge night…

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2132.318 – SUPERNOVA

February 6, 2017

Live from the Predator’s Lair, Beta Andromedae! Tickets have been sold out for months for tonight’s event and it has…

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2132.317 – INVASION

February 5, 2017

  Live from the Pirxa-Plex, Ancires! Fans, it is time for another episode of INVASION and we’ve got some HUGE…

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2132.316 – SUPERNOVA

February 5, 2017

– CHAPTER 4 – He watched as the old man tried several times to get the match to light.  In…

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