2132.322 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Bird of Paradise Pavilion, Apis Apodis!

The last SUPERNOVA of 2132 is here as we head towards the BIG THREE, the final SuperCards of the year for GALAXY’S FINEST™!

Tonight we have the semi-finals and the finals of the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP NUMER ONE CONTENDER TOURNAMENT to decide who will face GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION TAICHI at BIG BANG!  We also have a big return grudge match between PREDATORS and GLADIATORS as well as AETHRAN OVERMAST taking on PAGANAX!

Let’s get to the ring!

EURITAR leads ELINA to the ring and she looks fired up for this opening match!  Her opponent, FHANNA, arrives ringside with COMMISSIONER and INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION SLY DRURY to the sound of boos from the CROWD.  Before the bell, SLY DRURY whispers to the ref which draws the ire of the CROWD and even more ire from EURITAR!  The ref calls for the bell!

Elina d. Fhanna via pinfall with RESURRECTION – *** – ELINA dominated!  So much so that at one point SLY DRURY climbed into the ring and clotheslined ELINA!  The ref, conveniently, missed it!  EURITAR was furious and when FHANNA went for a pin moments later, he rushed into the ring and when SLY DRURY went to stop him, he whipped COMMISSIONER DRURY into FHANNA giving ELINA the perfect opening to hit RESURRECTION and get the win!  ELINA moves to the finals and FHANNA is shut out, despite her first round bye!

FHANNA is in tears, DRURY if raving at the ref and the CROWD is on their feet!  ELINA and EURITAR beat a hasty retreat from ringside so ELINA can rest up for the main event.

After DRURY has to carry FHANNA from ringside, EURITAR is back out with SCORN!  Her opponent SHE DEVIL, hits the ring and the two shake hands before this final SEMI-FINAL round match begins!  The crowd is excited for this match-up by these two, highly ranked, wrestlers.

She Devil d. Scorn via pinfall with EYES OF THE TEMPTRESS – **** – SHE DEVIL wins, moving on to the MAIN EVENT to face ELINA in the finals.  A very competitive match here between these two and it could have gone either way at any time.  SHE DEVIL hits her finisher for the victory.  After the match, SCORN and SHE DEVIL hug to the cheers of the CROWD.

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins to play.  As the horns fill the arena, the CROWD tires to drown out the cacophony with boos as THE LEVELER leads PROBATION and FIST to the ring.  GLADIATORS are looking for a win here going into CIVIL WAR.  They have been losing ground in recent matches.

PREDATORS explode into the arena with CATFIGHT and MAGGIE following along!  WOLF and LOPE are ready to give the GLADIATORS some pain!  LOPE will start with PROBATION.

PREDATORS d. GLADIATORS via submission when Wolf makes Probation tap out with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW – ***1/2 – PREDATORS cut the ring in half, kept PROBATION isolated and used quick tags to take him apart!  FIST was stewing in the GLADIATOR corner waiting for a tag!  He broke up two pinfalls, but it was over soon after!  The bell sounded and FIRST tore into the ring clobbering WOLF and a HUGE brawl broke out requiring security to hit the ring and separate everyone!  The ANI-MEN/GLADIATOR rivalry is far from over in the GALAXY’S FINEST™!

Once the ringside area was clear, the mysterious hooded figure lead NOSFERA to the ring.  NOSFERA is, no doubt, looking for a win here to be seeding higher in the BETRAYAL tournament!  His opponent, PANTHER WARRIOR hits the ring with CATFIGHT and MAGGIE!  This one should be a fast paced, action-fest.

Nosfera d. Panther Warrior via pinfall after THE DEMON’S BREATH – **1/2 – NOSFERA uses the mysterious hooded figure’s distraction several times to hit PANTHER WARRIOR with THE DEMON’S BREATH three times without the ref’s knowledge!  NOSFERA gets the duke and leaves immediately following the mysterious hooded figure away from ringside.

As PANTHER WARRIOR leaves, he’s stopped by NITRO.

NITRO:  Tough loss, seems you were at a disadvantage with that mysterious hooded figure at ringside.

PANTHER WARRIOR:  Yeah.  You know NITRO, my sense of smell is very keen and, I can’t be 100% sure, but there is something familiar about that hooded figure’s scent.

NITRO:  Familiar how?

PANTHER WARRIOR:  I can’t quite say.  Let me ruminate it on it for a bit.

PANTHER WARRIOR heads to the back.

NITRO:  Well fans, we are left to ponder the clues we know so far about the mysterious hooded figure.  Know who it is?  Send your answers via the InFinet to @GWFPromoter!

DEMON HUTERS are out next with EURITAR.  They are on the cusp of being one of the eight teams in the CIVIL WAR tournament so they are looking for a win.  Their opponents, led to the ring by ORACLE, are BETTER THAN HUMAN and they are looking for a win here as well.  THARKAS will start with HELSIN and as the bell rings, THARKAS is shouting at HELSIN.

THARKAS:  You dirty, disgusting human!  You are nothing but trash and as trash, I shall incinerate you!  *hack ptooey*

DEMON HUNTERS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall when HelSin smashes PSI with the STAKE TO THE HEART – ***1/2  DEMON HUNTERS have a rough start as THARKAS thrashes both members of DEMON HUNTERS, but when he tags out HELSIN and CROSSFIRE are able to overtake PSI and get the win!  THARKAS is furious after the bell and begins berating PSI!  PSI puts a finger to his temple and THARKAS is instantly silent and follows PSI away from ringside.

PAGANAX hits the ring like a maniac, waving his flaming sword above his head!  The crowd loves it.  EURITAR follows him out.  The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM starts again and the crowd jeers as THE LEVELER leads AETHRAN OVERMASTER to the ring.  Both of these men are looking for a win to seed them higher in the BETRAYAL tournament.  AETHRAN OVERMASTER glares at PAGANAX as the bell sounds!

Paganax d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when the action leaves the ring and Aethran Overmaster smashes Paganax with his war helmet – * – This one is a wild brawl right up to the final moments that saw AETHRAN OVERMASTER get DQ’d.  The brawl continues after the bell as the two men continue to tear into each other.  Security finally has to intervene to separate the two behemoths.

It’s time for the MAIN EVENT!  ELINA heads to the ring with EURITAR for her match against SHE DEVIL!  SHE DEVIL is out next and she is limping!  Obviously her SEMI-FINAL match took a little more toll on her than previously thought.  As she steps into the ring, ELINA comes over to talk and ask if she’s okay to wrestle, SHE DEVIL nods and the ref calls for the bell.

Elina d. She Devil via pinfall with a fireman’s Carry gutbuster – SQUASH – It’s over in a blink!  The two women go at each other but SHE DEVIL’S knee promptly gives out.  ELINA picks up the win and heads to BIG BANG to face TAICHI for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

ELINA helps SHE DEVIL up to her feet and steadies her.  The two friends soak in the cheers of the CROWD as we…