2132.321 – INVASION

Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania!

We are heading into the final few cards of 2132 and the action in the GALAXY’S FINEST™ is hitting it’s boiling point!  Some big feud matches happening tonight as well as the start of the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TOURNAMENT!  She Devil heads to the ring for the opening match!  Nova is out next.  One of these two will go forward in the tournament for a chance to wrestle TAICHI for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG.

She Devil d. Nova via pinfall after a quick roll up – SQUASH – This one is over in a flash as SHE DEVIL gets a quick, flash pin victory minutes into the match!  SHE DEVIL advances in the tournament and will wrestle in the next bracket on SUPERNOVA.

DARK MENACE leads SINFUL to the ring.  He has not been himself since his loss in the election and he mopes around ringside.  ELINA is out with EURITAR and the fans are excited for this next match in the tournament.

Elina d. Sinful via pinfall with RESURRECTION – **** – A close match here as these two rivals throw everything they have at each other.  Elina gets the win and will move on to SUPERNOVA to continue in the tournament.

Scorn d. Catfight via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – ****1/2 – These two shake hands before and after this competitive match that had the crowd on their feet.  SCORN moves on to wrestle at SUPERNOVA.

OVERTIME is out to boos.  Alone.  He doesn’t seem to care.  What a drastic mood swing we’ve seen in the young Titan since he turned his back on his teammates.  ORACLE leads DISCIPLE OF TERROR to the ring and TERROR cannot with to get his claws on OVERTIME, calling for the bell as climbs into the ring.

Disciple of Terror d. Overtime via DQ when Overtime dropkicks a chair onto Terror’s face – ** – These two simply tried to kill each other.  The action spilled outside of the ring and as the ref tried to get them back in, OVERTIME tossed a steel chair into the air and dropkicked it into his opponents face, resulting in a DQ.  The two continued to brawl after the bell until security broke them up!  This feud is on fire!

Speaking of fire, the mysterious hooded figure comes to the ring, hands raised towards the ceiling as the column of fire appears signaling the arrival of BURNING MAN.  ORACLE leads his opponent, EYDILON to the ring!  EYDILON is furious with the mysterious hooded figure for stealing NOSFERA from DOOM and is looking for revenge here.

Burning Man d. Eydilon via pinfall after EXHAUSTION – ***** – The fans are on their feet as BURNING MAN gets a huge win here with his finisher!  In the final moments, ORACLE tried to climb into the ring to save his master, but the mysterious hooded figure drug him off the apron and sat on him until the three count was complete!

The fans are on their feet as LORD NEXUS leads TITAN SAMURAI to the ring for their match against VAMPIRE LEGENDS!  This match stems from these four men meeting at various times during the big TAG TEAM MAYHEM match at SURVIVAL.  DARK MENACE gloomily leads VAMPIRE LEGENDS to the ring.  NITRO tries to get a word with DARK MENACE but is completely ignored.

VAMPIRE LEGENDS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Coven Black hits GIANT AZUMA with BITE OF THE VAMPIRE – ** – VAMPIRE LEGENDS picks up a much needed win here and against a highly ranked team in TITAN SAMURAI.  Will this propel them to a higher seed in the CIVIL WAR TOURNAMENT?  We shall see!

SLY DRURY heads to the ring with FHANNA and he reminds everyone that this is a NON-TITLE match!  PERFECT SPECIMEN is out next and he looks ready for his shot, knowing that if he gets a win here he will get a title shot against SHAYNE at BETRAYAL!

Perfect Specimen d. Sly Drury via DQ when Sly Drury smashes Perfect Specimen with the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP – *** – PERFECT SPECIMEN was moments away from victory when the action tumbled outside of the ring.  DRURY grabs his title and smashed PERFECT SPECIMEN with it, getting disqualified in the process!

DRURY laughs as PERFECT SPECIMEN rubs his head on the floor outside the ring.  PERFECT SPECIMEN gets the win, but does he get it even via DQ?!  As DRURY leaves ringside with FHANNA, NITRO stops them in the aisle.

NITRO:  Does Perfect Specimen get his title shot?

SLY DRURY:  Title shot?!  He had to beat me to get a title shot!

NITRO:  He did beat you.

SLY DRURY:  By DQ, which means I BEAT HIM!  No title shot!

The fans boo loudly.  Suddenly SHAYNE appears and walks up to NITRO and swipes the mic out of his hand.

SHAYNE:  Hey!  Perfect Specimen!  Ignore Drury, you get your title shot!

The CROWD cheers loudly!

SLY DRURY:  What are you doing?!

SHAYNE:  Being a champion!  You may run this fed, but I’m the champion and I welcome a chance to step into the ring with Perfect Specimen and beating him to within an inch of his life!  See you at BETRAYAL pal!

The fans cheer as the MAIN EVEN for BETRAYAL is set!  SHAYNE defending the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP against PERFECT SPECIMEN!

SHAYNE smirks into the camera as we…