I've been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. Back in those days I remember flipping through Pro Wrestling Illustrated and seeing an ad for CHAMPIONS OF THE
GALAXY. I was interested in the game, but never ordered it thinking to myself, "Well, it's not going to be any good if it's all made up characters."

Then in April of 1999, almost 15 years after I made that statement, I decided to give it a try and sent away for the first edition. After I played my first game, I kicked myself around my apartment. How could I not have played this awesome game sooner?!?!?

Hindsight is 20/20, so instead of dwelling on the mistakes of my youth, I decided I'd make a little obsessive corner of the web dedicated to thsi great game and my experience with it.

If you've never played, please click here and order the first edition. It's worth it. Trust me.

How I Run GWF

Of course I follow the sotry lines that come with the games, but the great thing about the game is that it allows other things to happen. New feuds pop up and so on. Also, I base title shots on the ranking system I've developed, and seems to have worked so far.

Wreslters recieve points for winning (pin = 2, submission = 2, DQ/Count out = 1) and lose points for losing (los s= -1). Thereby creating the rankings. Rankings are carried over from year to year.

I also see no problem in pitting allies against each other. It adds to the fun and gives them a chance to move up the rankings. I also will throw together matches at random when I have space and that leads to interesting pairings.

Right now, this is how I schedule my fed:
Approx. 25 Cards per year.
8 matches (or maybe one or two more) per card.
Wrestler's can usually not wrestle two cards in a row and most feuds are usually held till the PPV.

The year starts with the ROOKIE BRAWL PPV, where only rookies (or new tag teams or newly single division) wrestlers wrestle.  Then I have 4 regular cards. On each of these 4 cards a different championship is defended (in this order: Special Matches, Interplanetary, Tag Team and then Heavyweight). Then there's another SuperCard.

The SuperCards I have are:
THE RECKONING (which is a ranking Gauntlet where the two lowest ranked guys fight and the winner goes on to fightt the guy who ranked next highest. There's
four different gauntlets: Interplanetary, Tag Team, Woman's and Heavyweight.  Champions defend their belts at the end of the night. This is my favorite SuperCard.

GWF MIX UP (where completely random matches are made. All singles wrestlers' names are thrown into a hat and then 8 names are drwan out and those guys wrestle each other. The same is done with Tag Teams.

RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE where randomly rolled stipulations are added to the matches, even if there's no current feud between the opponents.

THE BIG BANG is the big end of the year SuperCard. During the last four cards leading up to BIG BANG, tournements are held to find the #1 contender(s) for each belt. I've given up on putting dates on all my cards and just stuck with numbering, but I know that MIX UP is held on April 1st and BIG BANG is always in December.

Though I play the current storyline, I'm slowly working my way through the classic years.  As such I'll only update this site with my progress. So it'll be awhile, but once we get to 2087, we'll make huge jumps in time! So sit back and enjoy!