2132.319 – INVASION

Live from the Triton Pavilion, Neptune!

It’s the last card before SURVIVAL and the Galaxy is anticipating a huge night of action as we head into the penultimate SuperCard of 2132!

MEAN STREETS heads to the ring with FHANNA.  PATCH is not a happy man as his team has been in an awful downward spiral.  They will be looking for a win here tonight.  Their opponents scurry to the ring, terrified of their own shadows.  KRUD and YGORR, the NATIVES OF CASTILEX, slink into the ring and the bell sounds.

MEAN STREETS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via submission when Patch caught Ygorr in the TORTURE RACK – *** – MEAN STREETS get the win but NATIVES OF CASTILEX gave them a ton of trouble.  After the match, PATCH and SKIVER get into a shoving match!  FHANNA is able to cool them down and they leave together, but it would appear that trouble is brewing within MARTIAL LAW.

The CROWD is on their feet as PANTHER WARRIOR heads to the ring with CATFIGHT and the newly returned MAGGIE!  CATFIGHT is a completely different person with her tiger back!  PANTHER WARRIOR climbs into the ring as his opponent, DISCIPLE OF TERROR heads to the ring to the boos of the fans.  This is a rematch from the last edition of INVASION.  DISCIPLE OF TERROR still making a powerful statement in his debut year.

Panther Warrior d. Disciple of Terror via pinball with SPEED OF THE PANTHER – ***1/2 – A close match here!  DISCIPLE OF TERROR put up a good fight but the veteran wins the day!

As PANTHER WARRIOR leaves the ring, DISCIPLE OF TERROR gets slowly to his feet.  Suddenly OVERTIME is there along with the rest of SLEEPER CELL (MORBID, THE LEGACY, SLEGEND and PRIDE)!  They circle around DISCIPLE OF TERROR with their crowbars ready to strike!  Suddenly FALLER tears out of the back and charges the ring!  The fans go nuts!

FALLER and DISCIPLE OF TERROR begin fighting off SLEEPER CELL but the numbers game is just too much!  SLEEPER CELL begins to get the upper hand until three men jump out of the CROWD and climb into the ring to joint he fray!  It’s FTR stars BLUE CHIP, TOTALLY AWESOME and ELECTRIC AXE!  The fans go nuts as the odds are evened out!  The BRAWL continues until, one by one, the FTR FIGHTERS dump the members of SLEEPER CELL out of the ring!  The fans are on their feet.  The FTR FIGHTERS taunt SLEEPER CELL to get back into the ring but there are no takers.


SLY DRURY:  Whoa!  Whoa!  Stop!  STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

SLY DRURY runs to ringside with a mic.

SLY DRURY:  With the exception of Overtime, Faller and Disciple of Terror you are all trespassing in MY ring!  I will have you all arrested if you don’t stop immediately!

SLEEPER CELL and FTR FIGHTERS are now giving DRURY their full attention.

SLY DRURY:  I get it.  You’re all young and hungry and you want to have a little p*ssing contest about which of your chump change feds is better.  It’s not going to happen here tonight!  You got that?!  But you know, I like the spunk you idiots have.  I want to give you a venue to fight this out.  GWFZ vs FTR will open the SURVIVAL SuperCard!

The fans are actually cheering DRURY for this.  A first!

SLY DRURY:  It’ll be survival rules and unsanctioned by the GWF.  After that, if I see any of you uncontracted nimnos around here again, you’ll be out of wrestling for good.  I can do that.  Got it?

Both teams nod in agreement.

SLY DRURY:  Good.  Now get the f*ck out of my ring!

SLEEPER CELL leaves first, taunting FTR FIGHTERS as they go.  The FIGHTERS get a huge ovation from the CROWD.  Reluctantly FALLER and DISCIPLE OF TERROR shake hands as their team leaves the ring.

Whoa fans!  Huge!  Nothing like this anywhere else but the GALAXY’S FINEST™!

The fans have just barely calmed down when PERFECT SPECIMEN and LORD NEXUS head to the ring for our next match!  PERFECT SPECIMEN’S opponent NOSFERA arrives with the mysterious hooded figure.  The fans are squarely behind PERFECT SPECIMEN as the bell rings.

Perfect Specimen d. Nosfera via pinfall with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – ** – PERFECT SPECIMEN dominates NOSFERA!  A big, big, big win here for the TITAN.  NOSFERA slinks away as NITRO grabs a word with PERFECT SPECIMEN.

NITRO:  What a performance!

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Yo!  Drury!  I hear you’re peepin’ for a new numba’ one contender!  Well, cash me ousside, how bow da—

Suddenly, AETHRAN OVERMASTER comes out of nowhere and begins pummeling PERFECT SPECIMEN!  LORD NEXUS tires to break up but gets tossed over the barricade by OVERMASTER!  Overmaster grabs a chair and begins begins smashing PERFECT SPECIMEN on the back!  SECURITY floods the area and is finally able to get OVERMASTER away.  LORD NEXUS rushes to PERFECT SPECIMEN’S side and helps him up  He doesn’t seem injured.  OVERMASTER is screaming.

AETHRAN OVERMASTER:  I’m the rightful number one contender!  I AM!

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  You’re the numba’ one contenda’ to my fist in yo’ face!

SECURITY is able to get them going their separate ways.  Looks like this feud is far from over!

What a night so far and we’re not even halfway through!

The mysterious hooded figure appears and raises his arms towards the ceiling.  The all too familiar column of flames shoots down to the ring.  BURNING MAN appears as the flames dissipate!  GHENA charges to the ring for this rematch between these two wild individuals.  As GHENA storms the ring, the ref calls for the bell!

Burning Man d. Ghena via DQ when Ghena drops the announce table on Burning Man – ** – It was a brawl from start to finish!  The action spilled out of the ring again and GHENA upended the announce table one handed and smashed it down on top of BURNING MAN!  The ref called the match and SECURITY had to come out once again to break things up.

VAMPIRE LEGENDS are out next!  COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS stride to the ring.  DARK MENACE trails behind, dragging his feet, so depressed he’s barely aware of the chants of ‘We’re with her!  We’re with her!’ filling the arena.

VAMPIRE LEGENDS climb into the ring for our next match.

FEMALE VOICE ON PA:  Are you ready to party?!

Pulsing dance music fills the arena!  Colorful lights strobe along with the beat!  The crowd is instantly clapping along.  ULTIMATE FIGHTERS come through the entrance and the CROWD roars their approval.  CLINCH and SHOOT are still doing the patented arm movements but they are now sporting sun glasses and party hats and their movements are more dancelike.  The CROWD loves this!  SHE DEVIL follows behind them dancing along to the beat of the music as well.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS party all the way to the ring as the crowd claps along.  In the ring, VAMPIRE LEGENDS is not amused.

CLINCH:  The par-tay has arrived!


The CROWD roars approval.  The ref is finally able to get CLINCH and SHOOT to stop partying and calls for the bell.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via submission when Shoot locks Coven Black in TAPPED OUT – *** – VAMPIRE LEGENDS started strong but was soon overtaken by THE PARTY that is the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS!  In fact, CLINCH and SHOOT were soon so much in control they started having a ton of fun with their opponents to the delight of the CROWD!  After the bell, the PARTY continued for several minutes as CLINCH and SHOOT invited kids into the ring to dance with them!

After the festivities dies down, SLY DRURY came out with a microphone.

SLY DRURY:  As commissioner, I am forced to make choices.  I chose to remove Aethran Overmaster from the title match at SURVIVAL.  Now I’m forced to choose a replacement.  Believe it or not, I want to give Shayne the best challenge I possibly can.


SLY DRURY (nodding):  That’s an interesting possibility.  Perfect Specimen’s stock is certainly on the rise, but I don’t think he’s quite there yet.

CROWD:  Boooooooooo!

SLY DRURY:  After long and hard thought, the new number one contender who will face Shayne at SURVIVAL is…


SLY DRURY:  Eydilon.

CROWD:  Boooooooo!

SLY DRURY:  Boo all you’d like.  It makes no difference as I RUN THIS FED!

SLY DRURY shoves the mic into NITRO’S chest and heads to the ring.  FHANNA’S music plays and she storms to the rig for our next match.  Another rematch for the last episode of INVASION against SCORN!

SCORN charges the ring with EURITAR and the ref calls for the bell!

Scorn d. Fhanna via pinfall after BURNING SCORN – *** – Dominant victory here!  SLY DRURY tired to interfere and got a clothesline from EURITAR for the trouble!

Fans are on their feet again for our MAIN EVENT!  PAGANAX storms to the ring flailing his flaming sword his above his head!  EURITAR is in his corner.

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins to play and THE LEVELER leads TURMOIL to the ring for this rematch!  This one could get wild!  The last encounter between these two ending in a disqualification!


Paganax d. Turmoil via DQ when Turmoil smashes Paganax with a chair – ****1/2 – A wild brawl errupts after the bell!  PAGANAX picks up a chair of his own and begins firing back at TURMOIL!  Suddenly PROBATION and FIST charge the ring but they barely have time to land a punch before LOPE and WOLF are there to join the fray and help PAGANAX!  AETHRAN OVERMASTER heads ringside but he’s tackled in the aisle by PERFECT SPECIMEN!  It’s a wild eight man brawl and the fans are loving every punch!

AeETHRAN OVERMASTER trading punches with PERFECT SPECIMEN as the other brawl around them is what we see as we…