2132.318 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Predator’s Lair, Beta Andromedae!

Tickets have been sold out for months for tonight’s event and it has shaped up to be a huge card including a monumental main event in MONOLITH versus BISHOP HELL (II) in a TITAN DEATH MATCH!  The fans cannot wait!

It’s also ELECTION DAY throughout the Galaxy and by the time out MAIN EVENT rolls around, the electronic polls will be closed and we should know who the new president of the UNITED FEDERATION OF STARS AND PLANETS will be!

But right now, there is a steel cage around the ring and the crowd leaps to their feet as CATFIGHT makes her way to the ring!  Her opponent, Nova is out shaking her head and yelling at CATFIGHT that this will be their final meeting!  Both women are in the cage and the bell rings!

Nova d. CatFight via escape after hitting her with a shooting star press from the top of the cage – **** – Again, NOVA dominated this match!  She came in fired up and tore into CATFIGHT and didn’t let up!  In the final moments, she climbed to the top of the cage and did an impressive shooting star press to knock CATFIGHT out completely and escape the cage!  Looks like, in NOVA’S mind, this feud is done!

VOICE OVER PA:  OoOoOooooooOOOoowwwwwwowowoooooooooo!

The fans explode in cheers as WOLF and LOPE head to the ring.  CATFIGHT is not with them obviously, but the fans are pumped for this next match, a return from the last card that ended in a DQ!

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM blares and THE LEVELER leads PROBATION and FIST to the ring.  FIST will start with LOPE as the bell rings!

GLADIATORS d. PREDATORS via pinfall when Probation hits Lope with AETHRAN HONOR – ** – Dominant performance by the GLADIATORS handing WOLF and LOPE their second loss!  A brawl erupts after the bell!

Suddenly, TURMOIL charges the ring and joins the fray!  He’s only there momentarily before PAGANAX arrives swinging his flaming sword around the ring and the GLADIATORS scramble!  The CROWD cannot believe it!  As the GLADIATORS scurry off, WOLF and LOPE shake hands with PAGANAX to the delight of those in attendance and the billions watching across the galaxy.

COMMERCIAL – PLETHADOR’S NEW ENERGY DRINK – H2-OH!  “Guaranteed to keep your gills moist!  Ask for it by name!”

We cut to BACKSTAGE where we see BALAAL warming up for his match later.  SECURITY SQUAD suddenly enters the room.

BALAAL:  What isssss thisssss?

IRON HAND:  Relax friendo.  We bring a message.

BALAAL:  A messssssage?

CODE DESTROYER: Yes.  From the Commissioner.  In regards to your match tonight.

BALAAL stares at his two visitors with curiosity.

On this ominous note we cut back to the ring.  OVERTIME is out and the crowd boos him.  He smirks.  He could care less.

His opponent, FALLER is out next with LORD NEXUS.  They get into the ring and NEXUS tries to reason with OVERTIME to rejoin TITANS.

OVERTIME:  Not while you’ll allow outsiders!  It’s true Titans or nothing.

NEXUS shakes his head and hops out of the ring.  The ref calls for the bell!

Overtime d. Faller via pinfall with a surprise roll-up – *1/2 – OVERTIME outclassed the rookie FALLER and used an opening to get the win.

Moments after the bell, SLEEPER CELL hit the ring!  Only four men this time, instead of the five we’ve seen before, but they hop into the ring and begin beating FALLER.  OVERTIME backs into a corner, afraid of the four men.  LORD NEXUS hops onto the apron, but ducks down and away when a crowbar is swung his way.  The four men continue their beatdown of FALLER but then they suddenly stop and turn to OVERTIME.

OVERTIME is backed into the corner as they advance.  He’s looking for an escape but is trapped.  The four men stand looking at OVERTIME and he stares back.  Then one of them pulls a spare crowbar out of his belt and hands it out to OVERTIME.  Another reaches out with a spare mask and OVERTIME takes them both!  He puts on the mask!  Then he joins the others in second beatdown of FALLER!  OVERTIME is the fifth member of SLEEPER CELL!

Security rushes the ring and SLEEPER CELL bails and climbs into the stands.  The fans are rabid.  SLEEPER CELL climbs to the Mezzanine level and they stand in front of an exit.  One of the them turns and removes his mask.


The CROWD is irate!  Another steps forward and removes his mask.


The towering member of SLEEPER CELL steps forward, reaches up and removes his mask.


A fourth steps forward, bows and then removes his mask.


The final figure steps forward and removes his mask.


OVERTIME has a mic.

OVERTIME:  Hey Faller!  When the ringing in your ears stops, be sure to tell that lizard buddy of yours that GWFZ is the original Future of Wrestling and FTR can go f*ck themselves!

The CROWD is booing loudly as OVERTIME turns and leads the four men out of the arena.

Wow, fans.  Words cannot describe what just went down and what it all means.  OVERTIME was leading the SLEEPER CELL all along?  And SLEEPER CELL is made up of GWFZ members?!  What next?!

After things settle, TITAN SAMURAI comes out to cheers with LORD NEXUS.  They climb into the ring and it looks like GIANT AZUMA will start for their team.

SECURITY SQUAD heads to the ring with FHANNA.  They are the #1 Contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TITLES.  The TITANS would love to upset them.  IRON HAND will begin for SECURITY SQUAD.  The bell rings.

SECURITY SQUAD d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Iron Hand crushes Kenji out of nowhere with MARTIAL LAW – * – SECURITY SQUAD has become the best tag team of the year in 2132.  They are consistently on the winning end of things and the now set their sights on reclaiming their titles!

BALAAL slithers to the ring next with ORACLE accompanying him.  His opponent, WITNESS heads to the ring with LORD NEXUS.  This is WITNESS’ first match after losing to SLY DRURY.  He knows the only way he’ll get another match with his archenemy is by beating enough guys to earn an INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP shot.

Witness d. Balaal via pinfall after Balaal hangs Witness over the top rope with his tail and refuses to let go – DUD – This wasn’t even a match!  Some back and forth but then BALAAL got his tail around WITNESS’ neck and hung him over the top rope, choking the life out of him.  The ref tried to break it and finally called the match when BALAAL ignores him!  BALAAL continued to hold WITNESS in his grip until, luckily, the ref was able to get him to release WITNESS!

As BALAAL was leaving the ring, NITRO caught him in the aisle.

NITRO:  Why this attack on Witness?

BALAAL:  Jusssssst doing assssssss insssssstructed.

And with these cryptic comments, BALAAL leaves.  LORD NEXUS helps WITNESS to the back.  He’s not happy.

EYDILON is out with ORACLE.  Not that EYDILON is ever a ray of sunshine, he looks extra dour after being beaten by NOSFERA on the last card.

THE LEVELER leads #1 Contender to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, AETHRAN OVERMASTER to the ring to the boos of the crowd.  The fans really don’t have anyone to root for in this one.  The two men square off and the bell sounds!

Eydilon d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall after MISTS OF AVALON – *1/2 – It’s over in minutes and EYDILON bests AETHRAN OVERMASTER in quick fashion!  EYDILON is leaving the ring when suddenly SLY DRURY appears.

SLY DRURY:  Overmaster, you’re the #1 Contender for f*ck’s sake and you’ve lost twice!  TWICE!!  I cannot, in good conscience allow you to wrestle SHAYNE for the title at SURVIVAL.  I will determine a new #1 Contender at the next card but as far as you’re concerned, you are out!

AETHRAN OVERMASTER is not happy, he begins throwing chairs at ringside!  Security, bravely, calms him down and he stomps away from the ring with THE LEVELER following behind.

MONOLITH is out with CATFIGHT.  She looks a little worse for wear after her match earlier, there’s a small trace of a limp, but he’s there to second MONOLITH.

A presidential march begins to play and DARK MENACE appears.  No banners this time as the final polls are now officially closed.  DARK MENACE is all smiles and confidence as he leads BISHOP HELL (II) to the ring for the MAIN EVENT.

Monolith d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with CATASTROPHE – ***** – A fantastic match!  Some good back and forth but MONOLITH dominated much to the frustration of DARK MENACE.

After the bell DARK MENACE climbs into the ring and begins to berate BISHOP HELL (II).  MONOLITH sand CATFIGHT stand outside the ring, laughing.  CATFIGHT whispers something to MONOLITH and the big man nods.  CATFIGHT asks of the mic.

CATFIGHT:  Hey, Menace!  Monolith and I have a little Election Night surprise for you!

They turn to the entrance and TERAK walks through the entrance with MAGGIE!

The arena explodes with cheers as the tiger, looking just like her old self, save for a small shaved patch on her head, heads to the ring.  MAGGIE rubes her head against CATFIGHT and DARK MENACE rushes across the ring pointing at MAGGIE.

DARK MENACE:  No!  No, no, no!  Bounty Hunter promised me!

MAGGIE leaps up and takes a playful swipe at DARK MENACE that sends the manager flying backwards on his ass, scrambling across the ring to hide behind BISHOP HELL (II)!  The CROWD is loving it.  MONOLITH and CATFIGHT turn and leave the ring, MAGGIE right beside them.

NITRO: Dark Menace, the poll results are in!  I have them right here.

DARK MENACE quickly gets to his feet and adjusts his jacket and fixes his hair.

NITRO:  The votes are in and you got over 62 Quintillion votes.

DARK MENACE thrusts his hands in the air in victory!  The CROWD boos loudly.

NITRO:  CLIN-TRON 3000 received…65 Septillion votes!  CLIN-TRON 3000 is the new president of the United Federation of Stars and Planets!

The CROWD goes nuts!  DARK MENACE stands slack jawed in the ring.  He drops to his knees as the crowd begins to form chants of celebration.  “I’m with Her!  I’m with Her!”

A single tear rolls down DARK MENACE’S face as we…