2133.334 – INVASION

Live from Pollux Starfire Arena, Gemini

We begin in SLY DRURY’S office.  DRURY sits working at a desk.  A buzzer sounds.

SLY DRURY:  Come in!

DARK MENACE comes through the door.

DARK MENACE:  You wanted to see me?

SLY DRURY:  That little diatribe you got into with CatFight at SUPERNOVA?  That doesn’t happen again.


SLY DRURY:  You wasted precious holovision time with that stupid back and forth.  Push your agenda on your own time.

DARK MENACE:  But she was using the time to push her agenda!

SLY DRURY:  She was updating the fans on Panther Warrior’s status.

DARK MENACE:  And pushing her stupid anti-gun agenda.  I was just—

SLY DRURY:  You just need to shut up, say it won’t happen again, and get the hell out of my office.

DARK MENACE:  But she—

SKY DRURY looks up, his finger poised above the intercom ready to call security.  DARK MENACE crosses his arms.

DARK MENACE (stomping his feet):  This is censorship!  Censorship because I’m smart!  It’s okay to be bright, you know!  I’ll have revenge, you wait and see!

DARK MENACE storms from the office, slamming his face on the door in his huff to get out.  SLY DRURY shakes his head and goes back to his work.

We cut to the ring and our first match up is a rematch from CARD 2133.231.  NOSFERA and DISCIPLE OF TERROR step into the ring once again.

Nosfera d. Disciple of Terror via pinfall with DEMON’S BREATH – *1/2 – Despite some early offense from DISCIPLE OF TERROR, this was a one sided victory by NOSFERA and he got away with using DEMON’S BREATH this time to put the rookie away.  DISCIPLE OF TERROR took the finisher pretty hard and had to be helped from the ring.

Next, in a match ordered by SLY DRURY, two hero teams will face off.  TITAN SAMURAI come to the ring with LORD NEXUS.  Their opponents, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS, come ringside doing there crazy arm movements and fake head butting kids at ringside.  GUARDIAN follows behind laughing.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Shoot hits Kenji with a Bicep Slicer – * – Super competitive match here.  Both teams were close to winning but SHOOT picks up the victory for the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS!  All four men shake hands after the match to the cheers of the crowd.

Scorn d. She Devil via DQ when She Devil choked Scorn with her whip and ignored the ref – **1/2 – Great back and forth in this one but it ended with a DQ when, at GUARDIAN’S urging, SHE DVEIL began choking SCORN with her whip when the action spilled to the outside.  This is the second time GUARDIAN has incited violence in his female charges.

Epoch d. Euritar (II) via submission with a backbreaker rack – *** – Both of these men needed a victory here to get back on the winning track and EPOCH get the duke.

Before the next match, it is announced that WOLF will face KILL PREY at INFERNO!  This is huge!  WOLF is looking for some retribution for what KILL PREY did to MONOLITH!  Fans across the galaxy cannot wait!

In another rematch from CARD 2133.331, BETTER THAN HUMAN will face NATIVES OF CASTILEX in a match and the losers must kneel to the winners!

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Tharkas obliterated Ygorr with OBLITERATOR – ** – THARKAS and PSI force the NATIVES to KNEEL and this brings out MOOG and SENTINEL!  They chase off BETTER THAN HUMAN.  NATIVES OF CASTILEX begin immediately kneeling and bowing to CASTILEX.

TOTALIS, THE TOURNAMENT MASTER is in the ring as EYDILON heads ringside.  EYDILON swipes a mic from NITRO.

EYDILON: Drury, this whelp in the ring is the sacrificial lamb you send to face me?

TOTALIS:  Dude, I’m right here.

EYDILON:  I want you and Shayne to watch what I do to this lump of silver.  I will do tenfold to Shayne at INFERNO and claim the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP as my own.  This boy’s destruction shall be your own.

TOTALIS:  Not cool.  I’m right here.

The bell rings and we are underway.

Eydilon d. Totalis, The Tournament Master via pinfall with MISTS OF EYDILON (+3) – *** – During the match, FHANNA was sent from ringside for interference during the match.  EYDILON just totes with TOTALIS, wearing him down move after move and not letting him get a move in at all.  TOTALIS was lifeless at the end and had to be checked on by medical personnel.  EYDILON’S message was sent loud and clear.

Our main event is a TITAN DEATH rematch from CARD 2133.332!  GLADIATORS are in the ring and DARK MENACE leads VAMPIRE LEGENDS to ringside.  He takes a mic from NITRO.

DARK MENACE:  Censorship!  That’s what’s happening around here!  Censorship!  I’m not allowed to say more but I will say keep glued to your holovision!  I’m going to have a big announcement soon and it’s gonna be YUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

GLADIATORS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via pinfall when Probation hits Coven Black with UNCHAINED – *** – A wild match here!  Both teams got in some hard hitting moves, but the GLADIATORS just ground the VAMPIRES down to collect their win.

PROBATION and FIST head into INFERNO the Number One contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP as we…


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