2133.331 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Solar Flare Stadium, Mercury

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

DARK MENACE leads SINFUL to the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Greeting Cucks!  It is I, you humble master DARK MENACE.  Tonight, you will see my sweet-pedi Sinful here show you why my way, the Dark Menace way, is the proper path for a better Galaxy.  Follow me and you’ll be winning.

This diatribe is met with boos, as usual.

Sinful d. She-Devil via pinfall after a double set of corner shoulder thrusts – * – Great back and forth action with Sinful getting the win.  After the match, DARK MENACE grabbed a mic.

DARK MENACE:  Doesn’t that just make you reeeeeeeeeeee?  It does me!  I bet that red pilled a few of you out there.  Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll all come around.

Disciple of Terror d. Nosfera via DQ when Nosfera uses DEMON’S BREATH – *1/2 – Nosfera was pretty dominant in this one, about to get the win when the ref caught him using DEMON’S BREATH.

Perfect Specimen d. Totalis, The Tournament Master via pinfall after PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – SQUASH – In a battle of the two men who recently saw their dreams of gold dashed, PERFECT SPECIMEN gets a decisive and dominant victory, putting TOTALIS down quickly.

Backstage, Nitro is on the phone.

NITRO:  —is not the point.  This is serious.  Someone if funding Drury.  He’s not running the show.  It LOOKS like he is but there’s something far more sinister going on here.  I’m on the case, but we’re talking Deep State kind of stuff.

He notices the camera and begins whispering, turning his back to the camera.  We cut back to the ring.

Elina d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with RESURRECTION- **** – SHANN-RA still seems to be sputtering since her return, losing here in quick fashion.  Former champ, ELINA looked strong and ready to get back into the title hunt.

Picture cuts to a ranch.  SHAYNE rides up on horseback.

SHAYNE:  Howdy partners.  It’s GALAXIAN CHAMPION Shayne here.  I wanted to take a minute from a round-up to talk to you about a drug called cannabis.  Cannabis may seem like a cool drug to take but it’s not.  Cannabis messes with your brain.  It makes you paranoid, give you memory loss, make you sleepy and lethargic, man it’s just a mess.  If you smoke cannabis, you’re an idiot, plain and simple.  And if people know you smoke cannabis, they think you’re an idiot.  Only people who think you’re cool are other cannabis smokers and, remember how I said it messes with your brain?  Point made.  Look, I’m a champion and champions don’t do drugs.  Especially cannabis.  Be like me.  Be a champion.  Don’t be an idiot.  Don’t smoke cannabis.

SHAYNE rides off into the sunset and we cut back to the ring.

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via DQ when Ygorr clobbers PSI with the shaft of his spear – * – The NATIVES found some fire in this match!  The fans actually began to cheer them as they took the fight to PSI and THARKAS!

GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION FHANNA led PATCH and SKIVER to the ring.  FHANNA was dressed in a way more revealing outfit than she has been in the past and everyone took notice.

NITRO:  Fhanna, if you don’t mind me saying, you’re looking, um, well…hot.

FHANNA (blushing): Thanks, I just—

SKIVER (interrupting): She don’t need to talk to you greaseball.  You want to talk to her, you gotta pay.  Get yo’self on the hourly rate.

NITRO:  What are you talking about?

SKYVER ignores NITRO and walks to the ring.  As MEAN STREETS gets into the ring ready for a rematch against TITAN SAMURAI, GIANT AZUMA is visitly taken with FHANNA.  He is distracted as the bell rings.

TITAN SAMURAI d. MEAN STREETS via sub when Kenji locks Patch in the KNEE BAR – ** – In the closing moments of the match, PATCH was reaching for a tag while locked in the KNEE BAR but SKIVER had left the corner and was over pulling FHANNA away from GIANT AZUMA who’d hopped of the apron to talked to her.  PATCH was not happy as he limped away from ringside.

Sly Drury d. Epoch via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE – ***** – This was the match the fans wanted between these two, but not the outcome they’d hoped for.  In the final moments, EPOCH was about to hit his finisher and FHANNA rang the bell to cause a distraction, giving Drury chance to hit his instead and get the victory.

SLY DRURY and FHANNA fled ringside as fans began to pelt them with garbage.  EPOCH stood in the ring vowing revenge as we…