2133.330 – STORMFRONT

Live from the Hyperion Craterdome, Saturn

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The broadcast begins with PERFECT SPECIMEN addressing the camera.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Shayne!  If you beat me tonight, you become the longest reigning GALAXIAN CHAMPION in the the modern era.  It’ll make you one of the greats.  But the thing is, you gotta get through tonight and you gotta get through me.  And that ain’t gonna happen.

The screen transitions to reveal EPOCH.

EPOCH:  DRURY!  After so may years, I finally get my hands on you after what you did to me!  Trust me, you’re not going to forget it.

The screen transitions to CATFIGHT and MAGGIE.

CATFIGHT:  Shann-Ra, your father shot my Maggie.  If I could, I’d tear him limb from limb and leave the scraps for Maggie.  But in lieu of his absence, I’m going to tear you apart!

The screen transitions to show CASTILEX, MOOG & SENTINEL standing staring at the camera.  They say nothing, just staring straight ahead.  Suddenly the screen is engulfed in flames and as it burns through it reveals BISHOP HELL (II) and BURNING MAN.


TOTALIS:  Undefeated.  Interplanetary Champion.  No need to say any more.

The screen transitions to KILL PREY.

KILL PREY:  Monolith, since I’ve come back you’re the prize I’ve wanted to snare you in my trap and tonight you’ll already be trapped in the Cosmic Cage!


CODE DESTROYER:  Overtime!  Tonight we get to beat on those street trash dogs, the PREDATORS!

OVERTIME:  Yo, check it, it’s gonna be off the hook and Wolf, I cannot wait to get my fists on you, you feel me?  Some people may think you’re a legend, but you haven’t been in the ring with me, the GALAXY’S FINEST™ legend!  PREDATORS, prepare to get neutered!

SECURITY SQUAD (II) laugh as the cameras cut to the arena where SLY DRURY makes his way ringside with FHANNA.  He climbs into the ring and yells for EPOCH to get out here.

SLY DRURY:  Come on out here lizard head!  Let me beat the sh*t out of you and send you packing back to the jungle.  I have too much to do tonight because, in case you or any of you nuggets in the crowd forgot…I run this fed!

The shower of boos quickly turn to cheers as EPOCH storms to the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

Sly Drury d. Epoch via DQ when the ref disqualifies Epoch for hitting Drury with a Pavo Powerbomb on the arena floor – **1/2 – Drury taken out on stretcher.  EPOCH looks more than pleased, despite the loss.

The arena explodes in cheers as LORD NEXUS leads TITAN SAMURAI to the ring.  This is the first time we’ve seen the TITAN tag team since GIANT AZUMA was injured by MEAN STREETS.  Their opponents tonight, THE NATIVES OF CASTILEX.

TITAN SAMURAI d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via submission when Kenji traps Krud in a KNEE BAR – * – Not a huge surprise outcome here.  TITAN SAMURAI look to be in top form.

KENJI:  MEAN STREETS, we are back and we can promise you, we are coming for your hides!


The CROWD eats this up!

NITRO catches DEMON HUNTERS and GUARDIAN in the locker room area and asks them their feelings on facing VAMPIRE LEGENDS later tonight in what appears to be a seemingly unending feud.

HELSIN:  After all Coven Black took from me in the past, I have to ensure it never happens again.

CROSSFIRE:  We will not rest until those disgusting blood suckers are turned to dust in the sunlight!

Catfight d. Shann-Ra via pinfall after hitting FELINE FURY the second move of the match – SQUASH – CATFIGHT hit  a claw slash that knocked Shann-Ra to the mat and followed up with a powerful FELINE FURY to get the win!  CATFIGHT let our a victorious howl as her arm was raised.  MAGGIE lunged into the ring and SHANN-RA went scurrying from the ring!

DARK MENACE:  Good evening cucks!

The CROWD boos as DARK MENACE leads VAMPIRE LEGENDS to the ring.  COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS both carry wooden, tiki-like, torches.

DARK MENACE:  HelSin, Crossfire, I don’t quite know what this obsession of yours is with my men.  Why you persecute them so much, one might even think that you’re racist against people from Draco.  We can’t let this racist ideology stand.  A great philosopher once said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”  Tonight, when my pedes here finish off DEMON HUNTERS we will be that change.  We will be that change, bigly!

DEMON HUNTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS when Crossfire hits Coven Black with BULLSEYE – **1/2 – DEMON HUNTERS with a quick an decisive win over VAMPIRE LEGENDS in this one.  COUNT NECROS, who never got tagged in, seems extremely frustrated and there seemed to be some tense words between him and COVEN BLACK after the match until DARK MENACE calmed them down.

Eydilon d. Euritar (II) via pinfall with MISTS OF EYDILON – ** – EYDILON picks up a win and after the bell picks up a mic.  He starts by saying that for far too long he’s been muddled in entanglements involving petty squabbles over where NOSFERA was.

EYDILON:  NO MORE!  After tonight, my sights are set on one thing.

With this ominous pronouncement, EYDILON skulks away from ringside.

CASTILEX d. BURNING HELL when Moog covers Burning Man after the CASTILEX CUTTER COMBO – ** – Dominating victory here for the, as of now, undefeated team from CASTILEX.  In their third match with BURNING HELL, they have proven that they are the stronger team.  The question now is, what’s next for these two men?

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Probation flattens Skiver with UNCHAINED – ***** – A wild back and forth match, but the GLADIATORS finally put MEAN STREETS away for good.  After the bell, FHANNA, slid into the ring and pushed PATCH aside to check on SKIVER.  She seemed very concerned.

As the ring crew begins setting up the COSMIC CAGE, we cut backstage to see NITRO speaking to the broadcast crew.

NITRO:…don’t know.  Someone just handed it to me.

He holds a large envelope in his hands and he begins opening it.

NITRO:  He said it was the same envelope that THE BETRAYER was carrying around a few years ago.  Remember that?  Saying he had some huge information that would shock the galaxy?

NITOR looks at the contents of the envelope and pulls out a piece of paper and begins reading it.  His eyes widen and he quickly digs through the other contents on the envelope.

NITRO:  This.  Is.  Huge.

We leave NITRO with his discovery and head back to the ring.

Kill Prey d. Monolith via escape after GO FOR THE KILL – ***** – WHAT.  A.  MATCH.  Both men were bloodied by the end!  MONOLITH dominated from the bell but a missed CATASTROPHE signaled the beginning of the end for the ANI-MAN!  KILL PREY shocks the galaxy!

FHANNA heads to the ring with SKIVER accompanying her.  The CROWD has no love for either of them.

Fhanna d. Elina via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMEN to become the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION – ***** – FHANNA gets the win with a huge assist from SKIVER who not only clobbered GUARDIAN at ringside, but slipped into the ring and delivered a piledriver to ELINA!

Witness d. Totals, The Tournament Master via pinfall with PROSECUTION to become the new GWF INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – ** – If not for some early offense by TOTALIS, this would have been a SQUASH!  WITNESS hits PROSECUTION, seemingly, out of nowhere and TOTALIS’ undefeated run, and title reign come to a crashing end!  The CROWD is on their feet as LORD NEXUS and WITNESS celebrate!

PREDATORS d. SECURITY SQUAD (II) via DQ when the ref catches Code Destroyer smashing Lope with the crowbar during EAT CROW.  SECURITY SQUAD (II) retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – *** – The big news here was the wild section that started the match where OVERTIME and WOLF went toe-to-toe.  No clear victor in that one and it left many fans wanting to see the two men fight solo!  In the end, it came down to underhanded tactics that decided the end of the match.  OVERTIME and CODE DESTROYER bailed immediately after the bell, leaving the fans wanting more.

Shayne d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall with SHOWDOWN to retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP – ** – PERFECT SPECIMEN’S quest for the title is over in mere minutes thanks to a dominating victory by SHAYNE!  SHAYNE has now held the title for 25 cards, smashing the previous record of 24 cards that was set by…SHAYNE!  Monolith is next closest with a reign of 23 cards.  Is SHAYNE the most dominant champion of the modern era (since 2119)?  Certainly seems that way.

SHAYNE holds the title above his head as the CROWD boos him loudly.  Suddenly, the lights change to an eerie green and a mist begins to flood the ring.  SHAYNE looks around ready for an attack but then he starts coughing.  Clutching his throat, he tries to exit the ring, but the mists overtake him.  The champ crumples to the floor.  Fans at ringside begin succumbing as well.  There’s a beat where noting happens and then EYDILON suddenly appears through the mists, standing tall over SHAYNE’S lifeless body. It’s this image the cameras focus on as we…