2133.329 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Rigel Nova Pavilion, Orion

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

We open backstage where FHANNA is warming up.  SKIVER approaches her from behind, definitely checking her out.  He wishes her good luck.

FHANNA:  Thanks!  Sly says if I get a victory tonight, I can wrestle Elina for the title at STORMFRONT.

SKIVER nods and steps closer to her, smiling.

SKIVER:  Well then, baby, why don’t I go to the ring with you and…make sure…you win.

FHANNA pauses for a moment and the smiles.  She nods.  They both head to the ring.

Fhanna d. Taichi via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN after interference from SKIVER – ****1/2 – FHANNA gets the win thanks to huge interference by SKIVER and some convenient missing of cheating but he referee.  LORD NEXUS was furious, as were the FANS, but the decision stands.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Clinch smashed Ygorr with the ULTIMATE COMBO – **1/2 – ULTIMATE FIGHTERS had a tough time putting the NATIVES away.  What KRUD and YGORR lack in wrestling ability they made up for in resilience in this match, kicking out of finisher after finisher.  CLINCH and SHOOT were eventually able to pick up the win but it was much more difficult for them than fans imagined.

Catfight d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with FELINE FURY – *** – MONOLITH and KILL PREY were at ringside and got involved in the match!  CATFIGHT gets the win and after the bell, all hell broke loose and MONOLITH and KILL PREY started brawling!  CATFIGHT and SHANN-RA began brawling as well!  The CROWD loved it!  Security flooded out to separate them all!  The FANS are totally into this feud and it is hot!

AETHRAN OVERMASTER came out and demanded a match with SLY DRURY!  DRURY came ringside but balked at coming into the ring.  OVERMASTER said he’d destroy the building if DRURY didn’t grant him the match.  DRURY reluctantly agreed and climbed into the ring.

Sly Drury and Aethran Overmaster brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – *1/2 – This one was wild form the opening bell!  These two have no love for each other and it showed here!  The action spilled outside and the two men began smashing each other with chairs.  The ref called it and DRURY high-tailed it to the back!  OVERMASTER was furious and vowed revenge for DRURY’S betrayal.

Backstage we see that FHANNA is changed following her match and is in a better mood than we’ve seen recently.  SKIVER comes up to her and she squeals with delight.  She hugs him tightly.

FHANNA: Thank you so much for coming to ringside and helping me win.

SKIVER:  Sure baby.  Skiver’s got you.

FHANNA:  Please come ringside with me all the time now.

SKIVER:  No worries on that.  You’re Skiver’s girl now.

FHANNA blushes.

SKIVER:  In fact, you got the winner’s share of the money for your match tonight?

FHANNA makes a short entry on her wrist computer and nods affirmatively.

SKIVER:  Right, well, now that you’re my girl, half of that winnings goes to me.


SKIVER puts hands on either side of her face.

SKIVER:  Baby, you want to win, you gotta be Skiver’s girl.  And Skiver’s gotta get PAID.  In fact, half of what you make from here on out goes to me.

FHANNA:  I don’t think…

SKIVER:  Drury taking care of you?


SKIVER:  Skiver is taking care of you.  And you got pay for that privilege.

FHANNA looks up nervously but nods.

SKIVER:  There’s my girl.  Now let’s get ready for the main event.

FHANNA walks off, slowly, following SKIVER.

Back to the action.

Euritar (II) d. Eydilon via pinfall with HEROS LAW in a wild match – ***** – This one was out of control!  Match of the Year so far!  EYDILON actually had the upper hand most of the match!  He was close to winning several times but EURITAR (II) would kick out and twice GUARDIAN got involved to break up the pinfall!  EURITAR (II) made a stunning comeback and picked up the win.  EYDILON shouted that EURITAR (II) would pay!

SLY DRURY and SHAYNE came to ringside and the CROWD let them have it.  They took seats in the front row for what DRURY was calling a ‘Scouting Match.’  A match where both his and SHAYNE’S STORMFRONT opponents would face off against each other.

Epoch d. Perfect Specimen via DQ when Perfect Specimen throws EPOCH into the crowd and into the laps of Sly Drury and Shayne – ** – The FANS cheered loudly at the finish even though PERFECT SPECIMEN got the loss!  DRURY bailed the moment EPOCH was headed his way!  SHAYNE shoved EPOCH off of him and had a brief stare down with PERFECT SPECIMEN.

Main event time!  A rematch from Card #2133.237 that ended in wild DQ brawl!

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Patch clobbers Probation with a chair – * – A wild brawl ends the night!  These four men hate each other and this feud is far from over!  Security storms the ring as we…