2133.328 – INVASION

Live from the Mimas Spectrum, Saturn

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The show opens with DARK MENACE leading SINFUL to the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Listen up, cucks! I may not have become the President of the United Federation of Stars and Planets, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to listen to me.

The CROWD, naturally, lets him have it.

DARK MENACE:  I know, I know you think I’m deplorable, but let me tell you something,  I have put my squad through an intense training program and you are going to see the results of that tonight when Sinful here wipes the floor with She Devil!  In 2133, my new motto is A.T.W..  Anything. To. Win!  And I do mean anything.

Sinful d. She Devil via pinfall with two Tombstone Piledrivers in a row – ***** – Seems DARK MENACE was speaking the truth.  We saw a more dominant SINFUL here tonight.  She easily dispatched of the more senior SHE DEVIL and picked up the win.  DARK MENACE was pleased.

Nosfera d. Faller via pinfall after a cross body block into a pin – *1/2 – A lopsided affair if there ever was one.  NOSFERA dominated and picked up a quick, surprisingly clean, victory over FALLER.

Backstage, FHANNA is fuming.  SKIVER passes her and asks what’s wrong.  FHANNA is furious that DRURY seems to busy for her and is seeming spending more time with SCORN now.  SKIVER puts hands on her shoulders.

SKIVER: Hey, hey now, girl.  Forget Scorn.  You’re 100 times better than she is.  I’m sure Sly has some sort of plan he’s cooking up.  He’d be a fool to put you on the back burner.  If you were my girl, you’d be treated like a queen.

FHANNA smiles as SKIVER says he’ll see her later.

DEMON HUNTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via DQ when the ref spots Necros using Phantom Dust on Crossfire – DUD – DARK MENACE directed his men (or pedes as he’s now started calling them) to flagrantly break the rules.  His men get the DQ loss, but Crossfire is blinded and screaming on the mat.  DARK MENACE looks pleased  He raises a first and shouts, “A.T.W.!”

The next match came about after it was revealed that BOUNTY HUNTER, KILL PREY’S father, was the one who shot MAGGIE the tiger last year.  MONOLITH has agreed to ‘destroy’ KILL PREY for CATFIGHT who is gunning for SHANN-RA.  All four came to ringside for this match.

Kill Prey d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith smashes Kill Prey with the announcer’s table, yes, the whole table – ***** – KILL PREY took MONOLITH to the limit here, getting the big man off his feet several times and several near falls.  The action tumbled outside and MONOLITH ended things when he ripped up the announcer’s table and smashed KILL PREY with it.  The ref called for the bell.  CATFIGHT and SHANN-RA brawled afterwards and had to be separated by security.

SLY DRURY announced that on the next card there would be a, what he is calling, Scouting Match pitting PERFECT SPECIMEN and EPOCH against each other so he and SHAYNE can ‘scout’ their opponents for STORMFRONT.

Shann-Ra d. Scorn via pinfall with PITFALL – **1/2 – SHANN-RA, still fired up about what happened to KILL PREY dominated SCORN much to the delight of FHANNA who was at ringside for SCORN.  After the match, SHANN-RA challenged CATFIGHT to a match on the next card.  There’s no doubt CATFIGHT will accept.

Witness d. Disciple of Terror via pinfall after a Justice Lariat – *1/2 – DISCIPLE OF TERROR put in some good offense but just couldn’t get any traction.  WITNESS wore him down to pick up the win.



PREDATORS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN when Wolf finishes off PSI with END OF THE HUNT and gets the pinfall – ***1/2 – LOPE started with PSI and the wild one tore into him.  WOLF and LOPE made quick tags as they ravaged PSI.  The whole time they taunted THARKAS who had to stand by and watch the ANI-MEN pick apart his partner.  WOLF picked PSI up after the bell and launched him at THARKAS, both opponents tumbling to the arena floor to the cheers of the CROWD.  PREDATORS stand tall as we…