2132.327 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Algol Double Star Arena, Perseus

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The show opens with an update on Panther Warrior. Sadly, there is no update. He is still in critical condition and his assailant has yet to be found. The security camera footage is some of the most scrutinized footage in the galaxy. THARKAS reposted a post on the InFiNet that stated joy at what had happened to PANTHER WARRIOR and WOLF immediately took offense! DRURY made a match for this card slotting PREDATORS against BETTER THAN HUMAN! Fans, you can bet it’ll be wild.

Catfight d. Nova via pinfall with a tornado DDT – * – CATFIGHT, obviously torn up about PANTHER WARRIOR, takes her frustrations out on NOVA and gets a quick win here. After the match, NITRO tries to get a word with CATFIGHT but she refuses to talk.

Earlier in the day it was announced that SLY DRURY had signed a match pitting EPOCH against EURITAR (II) with the winner getting a match against him at STORMFRONT.

Epcoh d. Euritar (II) via pinfall with RETURN OF THE BEAST – *** – A very different outcome than the first match these two had. The CROWD could tell that both men wanted that crack at DRURY. At the bell it was EPOCH who got the win and he grinned wildly as the ref raised his hand. EPOCH was practically drooling with anticipation to get his hands on DRURY at STORMFRONT. DRURY, in his luxury suite above the arena, looked less than thrilled.

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Fhanna gets caught trying to break up a pinfall attempt – **1/2 – DRURY sent MEAN STREETS after GLADIATORS as a clear message to AETHRAN OVERMASTER. It was clear MEAN STREETS were out to injure the GLADIATORS but PROBATION and FIST looked like they were under the same orders from the OVERMASTER! This one was wild and the four men brawled to the back after the bell!

Aethran Overmaster d. Monolith via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – **** – Another match put together by DRURY in the hopes that MONOLITH would distract AETHRAN OVERMASTER. No such luck as the Aethran gets a big win here.

PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – * – The end result was not really a surprise here. There was some decent back and forth at the beginning, but the action spilled outside the ring and the ref called it. Security had to come in to separate the four men.

The Perfect Specimen d. Eydilon via pin fall using PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – **1/2 – PERFECT SPECIMEN dominates EYDILON here! Trouncing him soundly and not letting him get any offense. The CROWD was pumped as PERFECT SPECIMEN will face SHAYNE in the MAIN EVENT of STORMFRONT!

Before the MAIN EVENT, DRURY announced a TITAN DEATH RULES rematch between PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN on the next card.

DRURY: If PREDATORS and BETTER THAN HUMAN wanna tear each other apart, it’s no skin off my back.

CASTILEX d. BURNING HELL when Moog covers Burning Man after CASTILEX CUTTER COMBO – ** – A rematch from the PERENNIAL gave us our first real good look at how CASTILEX works as a team and they were impressive. They seem to have mysterious goals here in the GALAXY’S FINEST™ but if they should focus their sights on the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, the titles could be theirs for the taking.

MOOG and SENTINEL stand over the fallen body of BURNING MAN as we…