2133.335 – INFERNO

Live from Vortex Arena at the Whirlpool, M51, NGC5194

We start in a darkened corner of the arena.  GUARDIAN stands addressing the camera.  Next to him are SHE DEVIL and ELINA.

GUARDIAN:  For eons, it has been thought that women are the weaker sex.  The frailer sex.  But in the upcoming war, it will be the women that make key victories for the side of the the righteous.  Tonight, the galaxy will witness, first hand, the savagery that women can wreak.  Tonight.

With that ominous opening we are ringside and WOLF is running to the ring to the cheers of the thousands in attendance.  KILL PREY is out next!  We are starting with a LONG awaited match-up here!

Kill Prey d. Wolf via DQ when Wolf hits END OF THE HUNT on the announce table – ***1/2 – WOLF let his wild side loose and the fans loved it.  Of course, he lost the match but he didn’t seem to care!  Giving some measure of payback for KILL PREY exiling MONOLITH was all he wanted and he succeeded for sure!

We cut backstage and see a small supply closet.  The door opens and SHOOT comes out with a big dopey grin doing his crazy arm gestures!  He shambles off and a moment later FHANNA comes out.  SKIVER is immediately there with his hand out.

FHANNA:  He didn’t pay me.

SKIVER:  Bitch, what?

FHANNA:  I asked him for the credits and he just started doing that arm thing and walked away.

SKIVER:  Aw, hell no.

SKIVER backhands FHANNA and charges off down the hallway as we cut back to the ring.

DARK MENACE is leading NOVA to the ring!  He’s got on his Pleple shirt and shouting at the crowd that ‘It’s okay to be bright.”  The crowd laughs in his face.

Nova d. CatFight via pinfall after hitting STAR BRIGHT three times – ***1/2 – After the match, CATFIGHT gives MAGGIE a command and MAGGIE lunges at Nova with a big swipe of her paw, shredding NOVA’S arm!  Security floods ringside as CATFIGHT slips out with MAGGIE.  NOVA is seriously hurt and tended to by RAGLAN and FLAGYL immediately.  DARK MENACE is livid!

Once things are settled down ringside, MEAN STREETS head to the ring with FHANNA and demand a match with ULTIMATE FIGHTERS.  Never one to shirk from a challenge, SHOOT and CLINCH head ringside and the ref calls for the bell!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Patch smashes Shoot with a steel chair – * – FHANNA distracted SHOOT who chased her around the ring and into a steel chair welded by PATCH!  After the bell, SKIVER began yelling at SHOOT, something about credits he’s owed.

Backstage, DARK MENACE bumps into BETTER THAN HUMAN.  He says that, even though he is human, he has some similar beliefs to PSI and THARKAS.  He feels there are some people that should be…done away with.  THARKAS and PSI are intrigued.

DARK MENACE:  Listen, I can’t talk about it here because of censorship.  Apparently, THE GALAXY’S FINEST™ is privately owned and I can’t promote my views.  But I’ve created a place…a safe space where I can talk about whatever I want.  It’s on the InfiNet.  It’s called THE_MENACE.  I hope you’ll check it out.  It’s a good source for real, unbiased, news.

THARKAS and PSI nod and saunter off.

DARK MENACE (to himself):  They can’t keep me quiet.  It’s okay to be bright!

Shann-Ra d. Elina via KO (submission) with the Huntress Claw with the Adamantium fist – ***** – A brutal and bloody display!  SHANN-RA was on offense the whole time just wearing ELINA down.  ELINA had to be taken by stretcher from ringside.  It seems that GUARDIAN’S plans fell apart in this match.  After the bell, SHANN-RA made it known she’s coming after the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP next!

CASTILEX d. BETTER THAN HUMAN when Moog & Sentinel hit PSI with two CASTILEX CUTTER COMBOS in a row – SQUASH – CASTILEX rolls through BETTER THAN HUMAN and makes them kneel to them after the bell.  The CROWD isn’t sure about CASTILEX but they loved seeing THARKAS and PSI get some comeuppance.

Euritar (II) d. Nosfera via pinfall after HERO’S LAW – *** – EURITAR (II) gets a big win here in a close match with NOSFERA.  Definitely the biggest win since his unmasking!

She Devil d. Scorn via pinfall after smashing her through a giant holo-vision screen – ***** – A totally brutal match here!  Both women wearing a crimson mask by the final bell!  After the bell, GUARDIAN led ELINA to ringside and both ELINA and SHE DEVIL performed double death jumps on SCORN!  The cheering in the crowd became a bit muted at the viciousness of the attack.  SECURITY filled the ring and chased the attackers off!  GUARDIAN was seen smiling as SCORN was loaded, obviously injured onto a stretcher.  The injury doesn’t look too severe but it definitely looks like SCORN will miss NIGHT 1 of THE RECKONING which features the women wrestlers of THE GALAXY’S FINEST™!

Aethran Overmaster d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – ***1/2 – A dominant victory by AETHRAN OVERMASTER.  After the bell, he picked PERFECT SPECIMEN up and hit him with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER three more times before security rushed to the ring!  PERFECT SPECIMEN was definitely inured.

Sinful d. Fhanna pinfall with THE OTHER WOMAN – **1/2 – SINFUL uses FHANNA’S finisher to claim the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!  FHANNA is flustered and crying after the bell.  She walks back along as SINFUL celebrates with DARK MENACE.

DARK MENACE:  Reeeeeeeeeeeee!  You see that?  That’s called Bright Privilege!  Kek!  Top kek!  I’m going to have a lot to say about this victory, but I ain’t gonna say it here!  You’ll have to go to The_Menace on the InfiNet and—

DARK MENACE’S mic is cut off but it doesn’t seem to sour his mood.

Backstage AETHRAN OVERMASTER is walking and is stopped by SLY DRURY who is with SECURITY SQUAD (II).

SLY DRURY:  What you did to Perfect Specimen?  That’s not gonna fly.


SLY DRURY:  Suspended, 4 cards.

AETHRAN OVERMASTER:  Are you sure you want to do that?

SLY DRURY:  I. RUN. THIS. FED!  Argue with me and I’ll make it longer.

DRURY pushes past the scowling AETHRAN OVERMASTER.  SECURITY SQUAD (II) scurry after him.

OVERTIME:  You sure that was wise?

SLY DRURY:  It was incredibly wise.  He took out Perfect Specimen, I took out him.  Neither will be in THE RECKONING.  I just took out two major threats to Shayne’s title.

CODE DESTROYER:  Ah, I get it.  That’s pretty smart.

SLY DRURY:  I have my moments.

The three men walk off down the hall together.

Witness d. Totalis, The Tournament Master via DQ when the ref catches Totalis using Title Quest – *** – TOTALIS had the match in the bag but resorted to dirty tactics to try and get the job done.  This should teach him as WITNESS retains the title.

SECURITY SQUAD (II) d. GLADIATORS via DQ when Probation pile drives Code Destroyer through the announce table – **** – The GLADIATORS seemed to be on a mission to destroy the champs here.  No doubt as payback for AETHRAN OVERMASTER’S suspension.  SECURITY SQUAD (II) stains and they actually pick up a win!  Their first since OVERTIME joined the team.  SECURITY SQUAD (II) retain the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

Shayne d. Eydilon via pinfall with SHOWDOWN – **** – In the final moments, SHAYNE hit SHOWDOWN, EYDILON kicked out!  SHAYNE hit EYE FOR EYE!  EYDILON kicked out!  SHAYNE hit SHOWDOWN again and that was it!  EYDILON stayed down and SHAYNE further cements his title reign as the greatest of the modern era!

SHAYNE:  You see that?  I can beat anybody.  Anytime.  Bring on THE RECKONING cause this title ain’t going anywhere!  And kids, don’t smoke cannabis! 

SHAYNE holds the championship his above his head as we…