2133.333 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Milky Way Cathedral, Polaris

TAICHI hits the ring with LORD NEXUS and the crowd is fired up.  SINFUL is out next with DARK MENACE wearing his PlePle shirt.  The crowd lets him have it.  SINFUL gets into the ring and the bell sounds for our first match.

Taichi d. Sinful via submission with the ARM TRIANGLE – ** – TAICHI cuts off SINFUL’S recent streak of wins with a decisive victory here and a decent opener.  DARK MENACE is not happy.

DEMON HUNTERS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall with BULLSEYE – * – Huge win here for DEMON HUNTERS as they frustrate MEAN STREETS in this one.  After the match, SKIVER sent FHANNA over to DEMON HUNTERS to ask them something.  HELSIN immediately shook his head no, but CROSSFIRE looked intrigued at whatever the question was.  FHANNA rejoined MEAN STREETS and they left.

Shann-Ra d. Elina via DQ when Elina brains Shann-Ra with a chair – * – A rare moment of viciousness from ELINA who blatantly broke the rules in this one.  GUARDIAN seemed quite pleased at ELINA’S actions which confused some fans at ringside.

PERFECT SPECIMEN is out with LORD NEXUS and the place comes unglued.  Definitely the most popular wrestler in THE GALAXY’S FINEST™.  He will have his hands full tonight as his opponent is AETHRAN OVERMASTER show comes ringside with THE LEVELER

Perfect Specimen d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when Leveler clobbers Perfect Specimen from behind at the urging of Aethran Overmaster – ***** – Wow fans!  A WILD match here!  Despite some early offense, PERFECT SPECIMEN soon fell to the might of AETHRAN OVERMASTER but the Titan refused to stay down.  Over and over, OVERMASTER would hit PERFECT SPECIMEN with a big move only to have him kick out at two!  The fans were so into this match!  Frustrated, Aethran Overmaster signaled for THE LEVELER to begin a beatdown on PERFECT SPECIMEN causing the DQ!  LORD NEXUS was able to chase them off with a chair.  What a match!

Backstage we see CROSSFIRE coming out of a storage closet, fixing his headband as he does.  He’s got a smile on his face as he walks away.  A moment the later, the door opens and FHANNA comes out adjusting her top.  SKIVER is there within second and holds out his hand.  FHANNA quickly gives him a handful of credits.  He begins counting them.

FHANNA:  Can I get my cut?

SKIVER:  I’ll give it to you after you go ringside with SLY for the Main.

FHANNA nods and trounces off.  SKIVER continues to count with a smile on his face.

BURNING HELL d. CASTILEX via pinfall when Burning Man hits Sentinel with EXHAUSTION (2) – **1/2 – CASTILEX receives their first loss and BURNING HELL gets their first win.  Quick tags kept the big men off their feet and allowed BURNING MAN and BISHOP HELL (II) to wear them down and pick up the victory.

CATFIGHT is out next with MAGGIE.  She has a mic.

CATFIGHT:  I wanted to update everyone on the condition of Panther Warrior.  He is still on life support but he has been moved back to Andromeda.  It was a tragic and senseless act of gun violence that did this to him.  It’s time that we get the UFSP government to do something about it.  We need background checks, we need—

VOICE:  Oh would you just shut up!

It’s DARK MENACE still in his PlePle shirt!  He is leading CATFIGHT’S opponent, NOVA, to the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Blah, blah, blah, it’s the same old song and dance from you liberal cucks.  Background checks won’t do anything!  People who want guns will still get guns!  You idiot!  What we need is more guns.  We need to give the power back to the police!  Let them do their jobs.

CATFIGHT:  Just what you would say.  You must be in bed with the Galactic Rifle Association.  They are why we don’t have stricter gun laws.

DARK MENACE:  Oh for crying out loud, not that conspiracy theory!  It’s always a conspiracy theory with you libtards!

CATFIGHT:  Like that conspiracy theory about an underage porn ring in the basement of a pizza parlor on New Saggitta?

At this point the ref came out and warned both CATFIGHT and DARK MENACE that if they did let the match start he’d disqualify both CATFIGHT and NOVA.

Nova d. CatFight via DQ after CatFight slams Nova on the ring steps – ***1/2 – CATFIGHT was fired up after her debate with DARK MENACE and took it out on NOVA.  The action soon spilled outside and CATFIGHT VICIOUSLY slammed NOVA on the ring steps!  The bell was called for and CATFIGHT loses.  DARK MENACE was screaming at her as she left ringside, but she didn’t seem to care.  NOVA didn’t seem too badly injured.

MAIN EVENT time and this one was an odd one for fans as it pits KILL PREY against SLY DRURY!  They aren’t sure who to root for, but KILL PREY gets a little more love because he’s the lesser of two evils!  KILL PREY stalks the ring, awaiting his opponent.  SLY DRURY is out with FHANNA and he grabs a mic from NITRO as he heads to the ring.

SLY DRURY (to KILL PREY): Kid, you may think you’re big and bad because you sent Monolith packing, but I’m a lot bigger and badder than Monolith ever was.

The CROWD boos loudly.  NITRO tries to interrupt with a question.

NITRO:  Sly I’d like to ask you about some information I got recently that says there’s actually someone else running the GALAXY’S FINEST™.

SLY DRURY looks at NITRO for a moment and then gets real close to his face.


He kicks NITRO in the stomach and then charges the ring asking for the ref to call for the bell!  We are underway!

Sly Drury d. Kill Prey via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE – *1/2 – Dominant victory by SLY DRURY even if there was a slow count in his favor early on in the match.  KILL PREYY couldn’t even get foothold once SLY DRURY went on offense.  SLY stand victorious in the center of the ring as trash rains down round him and we…