2133.341 – SUPERNOVA

August 18, 2017

Live from Glacier Sound, Pluto! The show opens with a shot of the ring and FIST who gets a huge…

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2133.340 – ROUNDUP

August 15, 2017

Live from Frontier Days Arena, Cheyenne, Wyoming! Fans have come from all across the galaxy to Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of…

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2133.339 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 4

August 10, 2017

Live from the Ecliptic Arena, Libra. The excitement level of the fans across the GALAXY is at an all time…

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2133.338 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 3

August 8, 2017

Live from Court of Palms Pagoda, Caph, Cassiopiae. The crowd is hot as we move into NIGHT 3 of THE…

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2133.337 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 2

August 6, 2017

Live from Triton Pavilion, Neptune! The GALAXY has eagerly awaited NIGHT 2 of THE RECKONING!  NITRO is out and reminds…

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2133.336 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 1

August 5, 2017

Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania. The arena is packed and fans are at a fevered pitch!  THE RECKONING has come! …

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2133.335 – INFERNO

August 4, 2017

Live from Vortex Arena at the Whirlpool, M51, NGC5194 We start in a darkened corner of the arena.  GUARDIAN stands…

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2133.334 – INVASION

August 1, 2017

Live from Pollux Starfire Arena, Gemini We begin in SLY DRURY’S office.  DRURY sits working at a desk.  A buzzer…

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2133.333 – SUPERNOVA

July 27, 2017

Live from Milky Way Cathedral, Polaris TAICHI hits the ring with LORD NEXUS and the crowd is fired up.  SINFUL…

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2133.332 – INVASION

July 24, 2017

Live from Red Ice Arena, Mars. We begin in the backstage locker room area.  A door marked STORAGE opens and…

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