2133.339 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 4

Live from the Ecliptic Arena, Libra.

The excitement level of the fans across the GALAXY is at an all time high!  It is the final night of THE RECKONING and all eyes are on GALAXIAN CHAMPION SHAYNE!  He has held the title for 33 straight fight cards, a new record, and he has proven himself to be the most dominant GALAXIAN CHAMPION of all time.  Tonight, the universe will find out who will challenge him next from a field of exciting contenders.

The CROWD boos loudly as COMMISSIONER SLY DRURY heads to ringside with FHANNA.  He smirks as he takes a seat ringside.

NITRO:  Are you in this first match?

SLY DRURY:  No, idiot.  I’m not ranked THAT low.  I’m here because I want a front row seat for this first match.

Everything becomes completely clear as EPOCH heads to the ring!  He climbs into the ring and stares down at DRURY who simply smirks back.  EPOCH’S opponent heads to the ring and it’s his CENTRAL COMMAND teammate KILL PREY!

SLY DRURY laughs and claps at ringside, loving every minute of pitting friends against each other.  KILL PREY climbs into the ring and pushes past EPCOH and stares daggers at SLY DRURY.  The ref calls for the bell and KILL PREY turns and attacks EPCOH without hesitation!

Kill Prey d Epoch via pinfall with GO FOR THE KILL – SQUASH – KILL PREY caught EPOCH by surprise and hit him with move after move!  Between each move, KILL PREY continued to stare at SLY DRURY who was getting more visibly nervous as the match continued.  After the bell sounded, KILL PREY helped EPOCH out of the ring and then held the ropes open for DRURY.

DRURY grimaced and walked around to the stairs and climbed into the ring.  He handed his hat to FHANA and signaled for the ref to call for the bell!

Sly Drury d. Kill Prey via pinfall after a rope walk sledgehammer – *1/2 – KILL PREY went on the attack, but SLY DRURY quickly overpowered him.  DRURY picks up the win and kicks KILL PREY out of the ring, laughing.  KILL PREY was visibly angry and stalked away from ringside as SLY DRURY laughed loudly.

SLY DRURY’S smile fades as EYDILON heads to the ring.

Sly Drury d. Eydilon via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE – **1/2 – SLY DRURY wrestles an impressive match and handily fends off EYDILON’S challenge, getting a big win to advance in the gauntlet!

DRURY’S next opponent, NOSFERA heads to the ring!  The winner of this match will face SHAYNE for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!  Is it possible it’ll be DRURY and SHAYNE in the finals?!

Sly Drury d. Nosfera via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE – ****1/2 – DRURY is on fire!  NOSFERA did some damage, but SLY DRURY is standing in the middle of the ring waiting for GALAXIAN CHAMPION SHAYNE to make his way ringside!

The sound of a dobro begins and SHAYNE is out on his horse.  He has a huge smile on his face as he heads to the ring.  SLY DRURY is smiling back.  SHAYNE dismounts, ties his horse to the ring post and grabs the mic out of NITRO’S hand.

SHAYNE:  Well, look at this!  Mr. Commissioner, let me shake your hand for making it to the big time.

SLY DRURY holds out a hand and the two shake hands and laugh.

SHAYNE:  Now, I’m not an idiot, SLY.  You and I are friends and I know that the moment that bell rings, you’re gonna fight as hard as heck to win this GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  I think you might even, possibly, perhaps, try an underhanded trick or two to win this match and become the champion and you know what…that’s fine.  But I want to make you a little wager.  If you win, of course, you become the GALAXIAN CHAMPION.  But if I win, which I will.  If I win I want something from you.

SLY DRURY:  What do you want Champ?

SHAYNE:  Something only you can give me.

SLY DRURY:  What’s that?

SHAYNE:  You know, the next card is a big supercard.  And if I win here tonight, I want to book that next card.  I want to make the matches.

SLY DRURY smiles, obviously not expecting this turn of events.  He scratches his chin for a second and then smiles.

SLY DRURY:  Champ, if you win…you can book the next card.

SLY DRURY saints in his hand and holds it out for SHAYNE.  SHAYNE smiles, spits in his hand and shakes.  The two prepare for the bell to ring.

Shayne d. Sly Drury via pinfall with SHOWDOWN (Shayne’s Fury) – ** – Short, sweet, dominant.  SHAYNE picks up the win here today and retains the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.

SHAYNE stares down at SLY DRURY and then helps him up.  The two hug.  SLY DRURY shakes his head and asks for a mic.

SLY DRURY:  Ouch, I think my heads gonna be sore for about a week.  Well, Champ, you win.  What do you have in mind for the next card?

SHAYNE:  You Know Sly, After tonight, I’ve been champ for 34 straight fight cards and I was thinking, for the 35th, I wanted to do something real, real special.  You see, as champ, I ain’t shied away from one fight.  I’ve taken them all the big guys on.  Monolith.  Aethran Overmaster.  Nosfera.  Eydilon.  Heck, I even just beat you, Sly!  But you see, I want to find a real challenge and I’m thinkin’ the best way to do that is to have us a good ole fashioned Round Up.

SLY DRURY:  A Round Up?

SHAYNE:  Yep.  You see, we’ll round up everyone here in the GALAXY’S FINEST™.  Wrestlers, Tag Teams, heck even managers that can wrestle.  We’ll put them all in the ring together and let them battle it out, battle royal style and the man left standin’ when all is said and done?  He gets to face me later in the night for this here Championship.

SLY DRURY thinks about this for a second.

SLY DRURY:  You sure you want to do this?  I mean Overmaster will be back next card.  And tag teams, that’ll mean Wolf will be in the Round Up.

The CROWD cheers.

SHAYNE:  I’m sure.  Bring ‘em all on.  I’ll knock them all down.

SLY DRURY:  If you want it Champ, you got it.  Next Card…is ROUND UP!

SHAYNE spits in his hand and holds it out to SLY DRURY.  SLY DRURY spits in his hand and they shake!

SHAYNE’S music begins and the GALAXIAN CHAMPION begins to cerebrate to the jeers of the CROWD.  ROUND UP is next and the possibilities on who could be facing SHAYNE circulate through the GALAXY as we…


RECKONING NIGHT 4 MVP – Sly Drury – 3 victories