2136.414 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The big news is that Commander Sam has declared all out war on THE CONQUERERS!  Sam believes that it was Tharkas and his cronies that were behind the attack on Massif back on card 2136.409!  Tharkas has flatly denied the allegations but has gone on record as saying, “If the FDF want to face destruction, let them come!  We will obliterate them!”  Epoch has already fought the first battle against TERROR, but tonight, three more matches in the emerging FDF vs. CONQUERERS feud!

But first, Godsend has sent Demon Godsend to extract some vengeance on Ygorr who was responsible for Godsend’s team losing the SURVIVAL RULES MATCH on 2136.412!  That is our opening match tonight!

Ygorr d. Demon Godsend via pinfall after the Slave Slingshot – SQUASH – The fans go crazy!!  Ygorr wins in ONE move!  Ygorr ducked a running clothesline and surprised Demon Godsend with the Slave Slingshot to get the win!  Massif is standing in shock!  Ygorr is standing in shock!  Demon Godsend is the most shocked of all!  Once he snaps out of it, he charges Ygorr and Massif is able to yoink him out of the ring, causing Demon Godsend to crash into the corner!  WHAT A MATCH!  There’s no way this sits well with Demon Godsend, at all!

Kralla d. Elina via pinfall after the RAVAGER GUTBUSTER – *** – Kralla sends a substantial message to the FDF by getting the first blood of the night!  After the match Kralla stares down Commander Sam.  She is not intimidated at all by him.

NOWHERE TO RUN d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Skiver tries to save Patch from submitting to Wolf – * – This devolves into a brawl as the ref calls for the bell!  No doubt, one of these teams would be the #1 Contenders to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP but we get a DQ finish instead.  Security is able to break it up easily and restore order.

Lady Godsend d. Taichi via pinfall after QUEEN OF THE REALM – **** – Great match.  Lady Godsend was in control for most of the match though Taichi did get in some offense.  Seems the fire lit under Taichi during her battles with Scorn has faded a bit.  Much needed victory for Lady Godsend.

Perfect Specimen d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via pinfall after PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – *1/2 Perfect Specimen has no trouble dealing Totalis a loss in a quick match.

FDF TRADITION d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall by Climber after Tharkas misses a turnbuckle charge – *1/2 – FDF TRADITION wrestled smart and get a big victory here.  Commander Sam is ecstatic as his men tie things up 1-1 in this battle!

HelSin d. Saber via pinfall after BURIAL – **** – HelSin was in complete control here, wearing Saber down, and fending off interference by Murtak to get the victory!  This puts FDF over the top and they win the night!

After the bell, Tharkas appears and challenges the entire FDF team to a BATTLEZONE match on the next card!  Sam agrees but wants the stipulation added that the losing team must banish a team member, of the winning team’s choice, for the rest of 2136 (5  cards)!  Tharkas thinks about it and agrees!

The fans go wild as we…


This card was played live online.  You can watch the replay here: