2136.413 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The show opens outside Commissioner Massif’s office. Sly Drury stands talking to Murtak of all people.

MURTAK: …will be rewarded handsomely by Murtak. And if, afterwards, Murtak is able to ensnare the beast, your reward will be doubled and the praise of Dreeze will exalt you.

SLY DRURY: I could give a Snargpuss’ ass about exaltation. I’m here for the cash.

Sly Drury holds out a communicator. Murtak pulls his communicator out of his pocket and keys in some digits on the screen. Drury’s communicator beeps. Drury smirks and walks away. As Murtak slides his communicator back into his suit, the door to Massif’s office swings open.

MASSIF: Murtak! You’re wrestling tonight!

MURTAK: No, no, no, for you see Murtak is on the hunt for The Basilisk. I must prepare to ensnare him.

MASSIF: You can do whatever you want with The Basilisk, but you’re wrestling tonight.

MURTAK: No, no, no, respectfully I must–

MASSIF: There are 6 cards left in the year! You have not wrestled at all this year! You wrestle tonight!

Massif slams the door in Murtak’s face.

MURTAK (sighing): Murtak does not want to wrestle. Murtak wants to capture The Basilisk.

He shuffles away as we cut to ringside.

Shann-Ra d. Sinful via pinfall after PITFALL – **1/2 – Solid back and forth match that gets Shann-Ra the win.

Faller d. Murtak via pinfall after DOWN TO SIZE – SQUASH – Faller has no trouble taking Murtak down in this one. Murtak, on the other hand, has trouble standing and leaving the ring.

Epoch d. Terror via pinfall after RETURN OF THE BEAST – SQUASH – Epoch wins the first battle in his war against THE CONQUERERS! He announces that it is not just him that is declaring war on THE CONQUERERS, the entire FDF is going after them!

Kralla d. Killer Queen via pinfall after a RAVAGER GUTBUSTER – ** – Killer Queen continues to struggle. Kralla looks super strong in this outing.

Sly Drury d. The Basilisk via pinfall after REGIME CHANGE – ***** – Sly Drury gets the job done against THE BASILISK but barely! Drury is a bloody mess by the end but hits REGIME CHANGE out of nowhere to get the win.

After the bell, Murtak charges the ring with his net but The Basilisk disappears into the crowd with a screech.

CASTILEX d. TITAN STAND via pinfall when Sentinel covers Overtime after NIGHTWATCH – *** – Brutal back and forth match but TITAN STAND just could not put CASTILEX away.

Godsend d. Endgame via pinfall when Demon Godsend interferes and uses COVER OF DARKNESS on Endgame – ***** – Heck of a main event! This one had everything! Big moves, near falls and a ton of drama. At one point, Godsend was moments form victory and Commander Sam pulled Godsend out fo the ring! Demon\ Godsend returned the favor when Endgame was moments form victory! The fans loved the match even if they didn’t like outcome!

After the bell, a brawl breaks out between Godsend and Demon Godsend and Endgame and Commander Sam! The crowd is loving it as we…