2136.412 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Epoch d. Krud via pinfall with THE DARK AGE – *1/2 – Epoch has no trouble putting the Native of Castilex away. After the match, Epoch confers with Commander Sam for a moment and the stands in the middle of the ring.

EPOCH: As we near the end of the year, Commander Sam has given each member of the FDF a mission. My mission is to take out THE CONQUERERS. So Tharkas, I’m putting you and your goons on notice. Prepare to get conquered!

The fans eat this up, thinking of all the possible matches we could see in the months ahead.

Elina d. Lady Godsend via pinfall with Exorcism – * – Lady Godsend dominates until Elina shocks her with Exorcism out of nowhere to get the win.  Demon Godsend was too slow to make the save.

CHAMELEON CREATURES d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Chameleon Creature Black Death covers Patch after UNIVERSE SHATTERED – * – CHAMELEON CREATURES pick up another win in a whirlwind of a match! So many tags by both teams, the action in this one was amped!

HelSin d. Count Necros via pinfall after EQUALIZER – ** – HelSin pulls out EQUALIZER after Count Necros hit him with his own move, BURIAL!

After the match, Gryt asked HelSin if he was going to getting a rematch for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. HelSin looked disgusted and stormed away. Commander Sam answered.

COMMANDER SAM: Stay tuned. We’ll make our plans in that regard known soon, son.

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. FDF TRADITION via pinfall when Tharkas smashed Climber with OBLITERATION – ***1/2 – Tharkas and PSI grind Climber down to get a big victory here! Tharkas has some words after the match, of course.

THARKAS: Epoch. If your mission is to conquer the CONQUERERS, I hope you are prepared to fail that mission because against the CONQUERERS, failure is your only option.

Taichi d. Scorn via escape – *** – These two still hate each other and this was a brutal cage match that saw Taichi just completely destroy Scorn. The finish came when Taichi hurt Scorn’s arm so badly with the ARM TRIANGLE, Scorn was unable to prevent her from leaving the ring.

Burning Man, ROYAL UPRISING & Ygorr d. Godsend, CASTILEX & Demon Godsend – *****

1. Godsend d. Burning Man via pinfall after KINGDOM COME
2. Death Knight d. Godsend via pinfall, hitting him with I STRIEK FOR FREEDOM twice in a row.
3. Exo-King d. Demon Godsend via submission with DEATH VISE.
4. Exo-King d. Sentinel via submission with DEATH VISE.
5. Moog d. Exo-King wit pinfall when he rolls through a cross body block.
6. Ygorr d. Moog via pinfall after the flying missile.

The crowd pops huge for Ygorr getting the victory! Once Moog was alone in the match he started showing signs of fatigue the likes of which we’ve never seen! Death Knight softened him up and Ygorr put him away!

Massif and THE LIBERATORS celebrate Ygorr and victory as we…