2136.411 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!


MURTAK: “…and so you see children, that is when your great-grandfather Murtak vanquished the beast known as THE BASILISK. Now run along to bed and All Hail Dreeze!”

Kralla stares at him stone faced.

MURTAK: That is what I will tell my Grandchildren. Our grandchildren, Kralla, if you will only consent to become my Queen.

Kralla rolls her eyes.

MURTAK: Murtak sees. Murtak must prove himself. That is fine. When I bring you the hide of the Basilisk, you will see how deep my affection runs for you.

We cut to ringside for our opening match.

Terror d. Ygorr via pinfall after ATOMIC WARHEAD – ** – It took Terror some time to put Ygorr away but he was able to do so and get the victory.

Sinful d. Killer Queen via pinfall with CHECKMATE – ****1/2 – Killer Queen and Sinful fought a heck of a battle and Sinful shocked Killer Queen by using her own finisher against her to get the victory!

NOWHERE TO RUN d. CHAMELEON CREATURES via submission when Wolf makes Chameleon Creature Future Shock submit to the SAVAGE FACE CLAW – SQUASH – Wolf just completely dominated Chameleon Creature Future Shock and refused to let him tag out. He got the submission victory minutes after the bell.

Murtak accompanies Kralla to the ring for her match! He has his large net and a whistle.

GRYT: Murtak, what are you doing?

MURTAK: Murtak is making sure that Kralla has safe passage to the ring for her match agains Shann-Ra.

GRYT: And what is the whistle for?

MURTAK: If it is that Murtak sees the despicable Basilisk creature, Murtak will blow the whistle to warn Kralla of his approach!

The crowd loves this and Murtak stomps to the ring behind Kralla.

Shann-Ra d. Kralla via pinfall after Bounty Skullcrusher – SQUASH – Just as the bell rang, a young fan wearing a rubber Basilisk mask popped up behind Murtak causing him to blow his whistle which distracted Kralla! Shann-Ra stunned her opponent with a big move and put her away instantly!

Kralla was not happy and Murtak beat a hasty retreat from ringside to avoid her ire.

Just as Murtak left, a piercing screech filled the arena and through the crowd came…


The creature climbed into the ring awaiting his opponent, Totalis, the Tournament Master!

The Basilisk d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via pinfall with limb dismemberment – ***** – Totalis put up a great fight but was no match for the wild ruthlessness of The Basilisk!

FDF TRADITION & BETTER THAN HUMAN brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – * – This quickly devolved into a wild brawl! Security was called to separate the four men (and Commander Sam who got involved).

Commissioner Massif came out and announced that FDF TRADITION and BETTER THAN HUMAN would battle in a TITAN DEATH MATCH on the next card. He also announced that the Main Event of that card would be a SURVIVAL RULES 8-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH pitting the returning Burning Man, ROYAL UPRISING & Ygorr against Godsend, CASTILEX and Demon Godsend!

Sly Drury d. Saber via pinfall – ***1/2 – Saber had demanded an INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP shot. Sly Drury said Saber had to go through him first! After this match it seems Saber will not be getting his shot.

Sly Drury celebrates to a chorus of boos as we…