2136.399 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The evening starts with the announcement that the Deimos Intergalactic Arena is SOLD OUT for the next three months!  It’s also announced that Commissioner Massif has decided that the rematch between ROYAL UPRISING and BETTER THAN HUMAN happening later tonight will be a regular rules match.

MASSIF:  BETTER THAN HUMAN are campaigning awful hard to make this rematch a Titan Death Match.  To me, that says they WANT to break the rules.  Let’s have a regular match and see how that goes.

Lady Godsend d. Killer Queen via pinfall when Killer Queen missed a turnbuckle charge – ***** – Killer Queen gets her first shot at Lady Godsend and her over exuberance costs her the match.  Killer Queen vowed to face her again and the results would be different!

Burning Man d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via DQ when the ref catches Totalis attempting Title Quest – ** – Totalis is disgruntled after this match.  He sees Burning Man as a stepping stone to reclaiming the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and is willing to do anything to get the win.

MEAN STREETS d. FDF TRADITION via pinfall via after Patch hits Tank with PATCH WORK – *1/2 – Competitive match here.  MEAN STREETS in control most of the match but quick tags by FDF TRADITION kept them from falling easily.  After the bell a brawl between the four men took place with Security called to clear the ring.

Saber d. Faller via pinfall with SABER CHOP – *1/2 – Saber strikes he first blow against the Titans, easily dispatching of Faller.  Lord Nexus argued to Massif that weapons should not be allowed at ringside!  Massif said he’d keep an eye on the situation.

Catfight d. Kralla via pinfall after a cross body block – *1/2 – Catfight shuts Kralla down early to pick up a victory here.  Kralla complained to the ref that the tiger distracted her but the ref shrugged!

Shayne d. Epoch via pinfall after Rustler’s Roundup – ****1/2 – Epoch wanted Shayne in the ring for a little payback from CARD #2136.398 when Shayne dropkicked him after the INTERPLANETARY finals!  Shayne picks up a win here and as he leaves he shouts at Epoch…

SHAYNE: Tell your buddy HelSin I’m coming for him!  And that title!

ROYAL UPRISING d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall when Death Knight levels PSI with I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM – ** – ROYAL UPRISING picks up their first win, after the double disqualification on CARD 2136.397.  After the match, Exo-King calls for silence.

EXO-KING:  Showing what we can do in the ring tonight we now begin our mission of destroying The Dominion!  CASTILEX, consider yourself challenged!  Accept it, or die!

The crowd cheers loudly as ROYAL UPRISING lets their words reverberate through the galaxy.


This card was played via COTGOnline.com and streamed live.  You can watch the replay here:

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