2136.398 – INVASION

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Several big matches this week, including a rematch of the finals of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP between HelSin and Epoch to determine the new Champion!  But the evening starts out with the Dreeze Imperial Anthem playing and Murtak headed to the ring!  Gryt stops him before he gets the ring.

GRYT:  I’ve always wondered, is it ‘Dreeze’ or ‘Breeze’?  Cause it kind of sounds like ‘Breeze’.

Murtak swats at Gryt with the Dreeze flag and grabs the mic out of his hand.  He climbs into the ring.

MURTAK:  Your attention please!  I would like a worthy opponent, finally.  I have been in the GWF for years now and no opponent worthy of my time has appeared.

Suddenly the lights flicker and when they steady again, Count Necros is standing behind Murtak!  He taps Murtak on the shoulder and Murtak about jumps out of his skin!

MURTAK:  No, no.  Not you, please.  I will not wrestle you for you are already dead and to conquer an undead thing is not so much of a challenge.  You may go.  I have no—

Suddenly a loud screeching fills the arena!  THE BASILISK!

The Basilisk storms through the crowd and up into the ring.  Necros is in such shock he doesn’t see Murtak duck behind him!  Murtak shoves Necros into the Basilisk who clobbers him with a clothesline!  Murtak heads for the hills as the ref calls for the bell!

Apparently this is a match!

The Basilisk d. Count Necros via pinfall after rolling through a deathjump – **** – Amazing match!  Count Necros gave Basilisk a good beating and at one point even hit the creature with his own Cry of the Basilisk (which look like it hurt Necros as well).  The mighty Basilisk was able to score the victory on a surprise roll through and remains undefeated.

Catfight d. Lady Godsend via pinfall with FELINE FURY – ***** – Catfight threw everything she had at Lady Godsend and wouldn’t let her get in any offense.  During one pin attempt, Demon Godsend clobbered Catfight which brought Monolith to ringside and a wild brawl erupted! In the ring, Catfight pinned Lady Godsend but security had to be called to separate Monolith and Demon Godsend!

FDF TRADITION d. CHAMELEON CREATURES via pinfall when Climber and Tank smashed Chameleon Creature Future Shock with Rock Slide – * – Short and sweet.  The improved FDF TRADITION made short work of the mysterious CHAMELEON CREATURES.  So far the CHAMELEON CREATURES are 0-2 for the year.

Elina d. Scorn via submission with a scorpion death lock – ***1/2 – These two top contenders took each other to the limit in a long, technical bout.  Elina comes out on top!

TITAN STAND d. CASTILEX via pinfall after Kenji levels Moog with the ONE INCH PUNCH – * – Moog takes the super rare pinfall thanks to Kenji’s ONE INCH PUNCH!  TITAN STAND are on a winning streak so far in 2136.

Faller d. Shayne via DQ when the ref sees Shayne use Frontier Justice – ** – After the bell, Shayne tosses Faller out of the ring and grabs a mic.

SHAYNE:  I’ve made up my mind.  I think I want to do to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP what I did to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  So, who ever wins this next match….I’m your next dancing partner!

Whoa!  Shocking revelation by Shayne here!  He’s got his eyes on the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP!  He takes a seat at ringside and puts his feet up on the announce table.

HelSin d. Epoch via pinfall with BURIAL – ***1/2 – HelSin claims the vacant INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP in a great match against his FDF teammate Epoch.  The crowd is cheering as the ref hands HelSin the belt and Epoch crosses the ring and grabs HelSin’s arm and raises it in victory!  

The crowd’s cheers suddenly turn to a gasp as Shayne sneaks into the ring and dropkicks Epoch right through the ropes!  HelSin spins and Shayne is already to his feet!  The Real Order hits the new champ with SHOWDOWN and leave him prone on the mat!  The cheers turn to boos as Shayne picks up the fallen INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  He holds it above his head and then tosses it on HelSin!  The mics on the cameras pick up him saying…

SHAYNE:  I’ll be seein’ you soon!

as we…