2136.397 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

An air of excitement fills the arena. These are truly good times in the Galaxy! With Guardian banishing GODSEND, there is a general feeling that the Universe is in harmony. No plague, no external threats. Almost a celebratory atmosphere. The arena is packed with fans ready for an amazing night of action.

Killer Queen d. Sinful via pinfall with CHECKMATE – * – Solid debut by Killer Queen, quickly dispatching with Sinful. After the match, Gryt caught her at ringside.

KILLER QUEEN (laughing): Lady Godsend! For years now I’ve had to hear about how amazing you are. Well I’m here and I want to see for myself! Step in the ring and let’s settle this!

Crowd loves this.

Ygorr d. Krud via pinfall with the Slave Slingshot – * – This wasn’t as fumbling as most fans thought it would be. And it was a little lopsided! Ygorr picks up a victory here to start his solo career.

The fans are on their feet as ROYAL UPRISING comes to the ring! Excited to see the newcomers, the fans jam the aisles for a closer look. The galaxy awaits to see them in action!

ROYAL UPRISING & BETTER THAN HUMAN battle to a double DQ due to brawling outside the ring. – * – This devolved pretty quickly into a brawl. ROYAL UPRISING made it clear that they would gladly fight fire with fire as a huge brawl erupted outside the ring! Security was called to break these four men apart! These two teams will meet again.

Kralla d. Taichi via pinfall after the Villainess Brainbuster – ***** – Long match here, great back and forth! Taichi dominated early but Kralla found her groove and fought back! Many near falls in this one but Kralla is victorious.

A surprise match signed for tonight would be a legendary main event anywhere in the galaxy! Monolith versus Endgame! Fan reaction is flashed across the HoloVision screens.

HIGHEXODUS24: Two Icons! They have had some battles!

The two legends shake hands before the match and the crowd eats it up! The bell rings!

Monolith d. Endgame via pinfall with CATASTROPHE – ***** – As always when these two step in the ring, the Universe will tremble! Endgame took early advantage and several times we thought it was going to be over quick but Monolith thundered back and picked up the big win here. That might just put him in the number 1 contender’s spot for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. Commissioner Massif will have to rule on that.

HIGHEXODUS24: He threw a lot at the big man but that Stampede wore Endgame down quick!

NOWHERE TO RUN d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Kill Prey smashes Patch with GO FOR THE KILL – *** – Great teamwork by NOWHERE TO RUN here! They kept Patch away from his corner and slowly dismantled him! Can NOWHERE TO RUN capture the same level of status PREDATORS did? Time will tell.

HIGHEXODUS24: There was literally NOWHERE TO RUN for Patch!


Godesnd d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after a slingshot catapult – ***1/2 – Godsend returns from victory and sends a clear message to the man who injured him! This was a big win fo Godsend and one he needed against Perfect Specimen! Is it over between these two? What are Godsend’s plans? We are left to power this as we…


This card was live streamed across the galaxy using COTG Online! Thanks to the folks who tuned in and chatted along and played.

MrStupidLook, HighExodus24, Broc! Riblet & Dave Little!

Thinking of making this a Sunday night tradition!

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