2136.400 – INFERNO

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Kralla d. Catfight via pinfall after the CENTRA SPINEBUSTER – *** – Kralla refused to get into the ring until Maggie was locked inside a cage she’d wheeled to ringside. Kralla was dominant in this match, easily besting Catfight. After the bell, Kralla threw the keys to Maggie’s cage into the crowd. Catfight was able to retrieve them and let Maggie out.

Murtak was out next pushing Ygorr towards the ring.

MURTAK: Come on now, you are a worthy opponent for Murtak. You shall get int the ring and fight me.

Ygorr wanted anything but, but continued walking towards the ring being prodded by Murtak’s flagpole. Both men climbed into the ring and the ref was going to call for the bell when a, now familiar, screeching cut through the arena!


The creature climbed into the ring and grabbed a horrified Ygorr! Murtak used this moment to beat a hasty retreat as poor Ygorr was helpless at the claws of THE BASILISK! There was no match here, just a mauling of Ygoor!

CHAMELEON CREATURES d. FDF TRADITION when Chameleon Creature Black Death pins Climber after UNIVERSE SHATTERED – ** – CHAMELEON CREATURES snag their first win and it’s a big one over FDF TRADITION! Climber said after he saw flashes of past wrestlers in the form of the Chameleon Creature right before he lost. Second time this was reported.

Perfect Specimen d. Saber via pinfall with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – ** – Saber’s self-proclaimed war on The Titans comes to a crashing halt as Perfect Specimen puts him away easily.

Totalis, the Tournament Master d. Burning Man via pinfall with FINAL ROUND – **** – Despite putting up a good fight, Burning Man left this match worse for wear. After the match Totalis said he was coming to reclaim ‘his’ INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.

CASTILEX d. ROYAL UPRISING via pinfall when Sentinel covered Death Knight after NIGHTWATCH – ** – CASTILEX dominates Death Knight who is unable to tag out at all during this match. After the bell, CASTILEX demanded that Exa-King and Death Knight join THE DOMINION. ROYAL UPRISING wave them away and CASTILEX challenges them to another match on a later card. ROYAL UPRISING agree.

Lady Godsend d. Killer Queen via pinfall with QUEEN OF THE REALM – ***** – Tremendous back and forth here! Killer Queen was able to survive Demon Godsend hitting her with COVER OF DARKNESS but it takes a lot out of her and she soon falls to Lady Godsend. After the match, Lady Godsend makes the same offer to Killer Queen that CASTILEX did to ROYAL UPRISING. Killer Queen refuses!

Demon Godsend d. Monolith via pinfall after COVER OF DARKNESS – ** – Monolith was in control most of this match but Demon Godsend hit his finisher (at maximum power) out of nowhere to get a HUGE win over the big man!

Scorn d. Cosmic Woman via pinfall after A WOMAN SCORNED – SQUASH – Total squash here! Cosmic Woman got in no offense at all. She just could not get her footing in this match and as a a result, we have a NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION.

Shayne d. HelSin via DQ when Epoch interferes – **** – HelSin was in total control over this match when suddenly Shayne got furious and hit SHOWDOWN out of nowhere! Epoch stormed the ring and clobbered Shayne with RETURN OF THE BEAST and the ref called it. A brawl ensued and as security separated the two men Shayne could be heard saying to Epoch…

SHAYNE: I see now my problem was not taking care of you first!

TITAN STAND d. GLADIATORS via pinfall when Kenji makes Probation tap to the KIMURA in just three moves – ** – Huge win here for the Titans! The arena blew it’s top when Probation tagged out! In only their third match together, Kenji and Overtime are the new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Endgame d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall with THIS ENDS NOW – ** – Endgame shocks the Gladiators with a huge win to claim his 8th GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP! Paralyze was climbing into the ring to save Aethran Overmaster and Commander Sam grabbed his leg and prevented it! After the bell Endgame grabbed a mic.

ENDGAME: And let tonight serve as an example to the all the villains in the GALAXY’S FINEST™! If you do not stand with us, you will fall!

The crowd cheers as TITAN STAND and HelSin join Endgame in the ring to celebrate a big night for the heroes!