2136.401 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

The show with Ygorr standing in the middle of the ring with a look of terror on his face.  His wide eyes darting all around looking for what?  No one was sure.  But suddenly the Dreeze Anthem begins playing and Murtak strode to the ring waving his flag!  He stomped up the steps and climbed through the ropes.  The moment he set foot in the ring, a loud screeching filled the arena and throughout the crowd came…


Murtak immediately turned around and, with a bit of trouble thanks to his flag, exited the ring the same way he entered and made a break for the exit!  Ygorr was about to follow suit but it was too late!  BASILISK was in the ring and the bell rang!

Basilisk d. Ygorr via COUNTOUT after Basilisk hit Ygorr with a Behemoth Running Tackle outside the ring – ** – Ygorr put up a good fight but was no match for THE BASILISK!  Basilisk left through the crowd.  Massif came to ringside to check on Ygorr.

Krud d. Count Necros via DQ when the ref spots Necros using Phantom Dust – *1/2 – Count Necros is still finding his footing in singles competition.  Krud actually gave him a good run for his money.

NOWHERE TO RUN d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via pinfall when Kill Prey hit Tharkas with a Snap Snare – ***1/2 – Highly competitive match here.  Most in the crowd thought that Wolf and Kill Prey would have an easy time of it but Tharkas and PSI gave them more than they bargained for. NOWHERE TO RUN is undefeated so far this year.

Faller d. TERROR via pinfall after DOWN TO SIZE – ***1/2 – Great match between the two FTR rookies.  This match rolled on for a bit.  Faller was in control most of the time but he just couldn’t get it done until he hit his finisher. Many fans would love to see Faller take a run at the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  Seems like he has some momentum after the win here.

Cosmic Woman d. Lady Godsend via pinfall aster a Shooting Star – *** – Lady Godsend kicked out of VORTEX UNLEASHED twice during this encounter!  Cosmic Woman gets a big win that might put her back into title contention.

Sly Drury d. Godsend via DQ when Demon Godsend hit Sly Drury with COVER OF DARKNESS while breaking up a pinfall – ***1/2 – Demon Godsend interfering seemed almost to be an act of mercy!  Sly Drury was just not letting up on Godsend and the former god couldn’t get any offense!  Finally Demon Godsend interfered and was able to drag Godsend out of the ring and away from ringside.

SLY DRURY: Go ahead and run Godsend!  Just like the chicken crap god you pretend to be!  We’ll meet again and it’s gonna be on my terms!

MEAN STREETS d. FDF TRADITION via pinfall after DOUBLE DISPATCH – *** – FDF TRADITION came close to victory here but an amazing comeback by Skiver tipped the scales in favor of MEAN STREETS who were able to put them away!

GRYT:  Great victory for MEAN STREETS tonight.

PATCH:  We’re putting TITAN STAND on notice, right here, right now.  We’re coming for those titles!

GRYT: It would see that the GLADIATORS would get a rematch first.

SKIVER:  Probation, Fist, We’ll kick your asses first.  Then TITAN STAND’S  It doesn’t matter.  Bring it all on!

MEAN STREETS jaw at the booing crowd as we…