2136.402 – INVASION

Live from the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

GLADIATORS d. CHAMELEON CREATURES via pinfall when Fist hit Chameleon Creature Black Death with ARMAMENT – SQUASH – CHAMELEON CREATURES are still struggling and some rookie mistakes early on in this match cost them dearly.

Kralla d. Shann-Ra via pinfall with a RAVAGER GUTBUSTER – **1/2 – Big win for Kralla who was relentless, hitting finisher after finisher on Shann-Ra!  Defeating Shann-Ra has positioned Kralla on the top of the heap.

Totalis, the Tournament Master d. Perfect Specimen via pinfall after FINAL ROUND – *** – Huge win here for Totalis, knocking Perfect Specimen off guard and keeping him there to finally put him away!  This victory, no doubt, puts Totalis back in INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP contention.

Sinful d. Taichi via DQ when Taichi refuses to stop brawling while outside the ring – * – The action in this match kept going out of the ring thanks to Sinful.  Frustrated, Taichi wanted to send a message and gave Sinful a piledriver on the arena floor!  Lord Nexus had to calm her down.  We’ve seen this side of Taichi before and it’s never good news for whomever she’s directing her anger at.

Shayne d. Epoch via knockout after smashing Epoch with Frontier Justice – ***** – Shayne went into this match knowing that if he wins it, his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP title shot is a lock.  So he pummeled Epoch within and inch of his life.  Epoch mounted a comeback late in the match but the damage had been done and Shayne gave him the old KO and got the victory.

SHAYNE:  HelSin!  You see what I just did to your friend here.  You should probably be smart and just forfeit that title to me but I know you want a fight and I’m ready to fight.  That belt is as good as mine, partner!

CASTILEX d. ROYAL UPRISING when Sentinel hits Exo-King with NIGHTWATCH – ** – ROYAL UPRISING were in a good position until the halfway point of the match but then CASTILEX trapped Exo-King and would not let him make the tag!  After the bell, Exo-King and Death Knight begrudgingly bowed to CASTILEX. 

Sentinel demanded they join THE DOMINION.  Before the question left his lips, Burning Man hit the ring and leveled CASTILEX with a double clothesline!  THE LIBERATORS begin beating down CASTILEX until security is able to clear the ring. The fans loved every second of it!

Monolith d. Demon Godsend via escape when he makes Demon Godsend pass out to I BREAK YOU – **1/2 – Practically a squash match.  Monolith wastes no time in destroying Demon Godsend in the early moments of the match to get the victory and send a strong message.