2136.403 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Catfight d. Killer Queen via pinfall after a tornado DDT – **** – Killer Queen was in control at the start of the match but Catfight reversed a few moves and took over, eventually picking up the win.  Killer Queen struggling a bit recently.

Aethran Overmaster d. Ygorr via pinfall after hitting Ygorr with DOMINANCE three times – **1/2 – Wow!  Aethran Overmaster had an incredibly hard time putting Ygorr away!  Overmaster hit Ygorr with DOMINANCE a whopping FOUR TIMES during the match but still could not hold his shoulders down until he hit him with it three times in a row!  

After the bell, Paralyze left the ring without waiting for Overmaster!  A disgusted look on his face!  Not the best performance of Overmaster’s career.

GRYT: Wow!  He looks almost as miserable as he did when I beat him all those years ago!

Lady Godsend d. Elina via pinfall after QUEEN OF THE REALM – ****1/2 – Elina was in control until Demon Godsend used COVER OF DARKNESS to break up a pinfall!  This raised the ire of Commander Sam who grabbed Lady Godsend’s leg during another pinfall!  Big brawl breaks out between Commander Sam and Demon Godsend, delighting the crowd!  In the melee, Lady Godsend is able to hit her finisher and put Elina away!

Perfect Specimen d. Saber via pinfall after PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – SQUASH – A total squash!  Perfect Specimen defeats Saber in under a minute!  He tosses Saber out of the ring and as he staggers backstage, Perfect Specimen grabs the mic.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  If that’s the best CTA-102 can do, bring on the whole f’n army! I’ll beat them all!

Crowd is loving this!

Burning Man d. Krud via pinfall after a cross body block – **1/2 – Burning Man had a super difficult time putting Krud away but was finally able to do so.  Krud was sent by Godsend to ‘punish’ Burning Man.  Despite some surprising offense, Krud does not carry out his mission.

Murtak arrives ringside with TERROR.  Instead of his flag he’s got a comically big net on the end of a long metal pole.  He badgers Gryt for a mic.

MURTAK:  Since the start of 2136, Murtak has been searching for a worthy opponent! Every time Murtak attempts to find an opponent who is worthy, this…beast..comes and interrupts Murtak.  NOT ANYMORE!  Tonight we shall capture this beast and I shall conquer him!  TERROR!  Into the ring!  You are bait!

TERROR, who apparently didn’t know about this plan glances sideways at Murtak.  Murtak looks at him and gestures to the ring.  TERROR slowly climbs the stairs, Murtak prods him with the net.

Once TERROR climbs through the ropes, a loud screeching noise fills the arena!  The crowd parts!  Here is…


TERROR begins punching himself on the side of the head to psych himself up!  He motions for The Basilisk to enter the ring!  He is fired up and ready!  As The Basilisk enters the ring, TERROR lets our a roar and charges the creature!  The crowd is hot!

TERROR d. The Basilisk via DQ when The Basilisk refuses to stop grinding TERROR’s face into the guardrail at ringside – *** – The Basilisk receives his first lost but it is via DQ.  TERROR got in the most offense in against the creature we’ve seen all year! 

As the bell rings, Murtak brings the net down over The Basilisk’s head.  The creature turns to stare at Murtak.  Murtak immediately releases the handle of the net and turns twins and run.  With a screech, The Basilisk hops the vibo-barrier and leaves through the crowd, net still over his head!  TERROR is slow to his feet but glares after The Basilisk as is leaves!  He lets out a roar of primal rage!  He wants another shot!

Sly Drury d. Godsend after escaping the cage after hitting Godsend with REGIME CHANGE – **** – Sly Drury puts Godsend away easily.  He struts out of the cage and nonchalantly puts hi hat on and leaves ringside as Godsend lies motionless in the ring.


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