2136.404 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Taichi d. Kralla via pinfall after a Muay Thai Kick – ** – Super powerful victory for Taichi here going into her match at STORMFRONT against Sinful! Sinful came ringside to watch her opponent and Taichi seemed to put on a show for her. The fans are super excited for their grudge match at the next supercard!

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. CHAMELEON CREATURES via pinfall when Tharkas covers Chameleon Creature: Future Shock after OBLITERATION – **1/2 – Struggling CHAMELEON CREATURES cannot get it going against BETTER THAN HUMAN! Tharkas and PSI used quick tags to keep the newcomers off their feet and pick up a win.

THARKAS:  We are BETTER THAN HUMAN.  And we are better than…whatever these things were!

Shann-Ra d. Sinful via pinfall after AMBUSCADE – ** – Taichi came ringside to return the favor for Sinful and it unnerved her a bit, causing her to lose her focus and the match. Shann-Ra wastes no time in putting her opponent away.

Count Necros d. Faller via pinfall by using Faller’s own finisher DOWN TO SIZE – ** – Count Necros picks up his first win this year and in dramatic fashion, using Faller’s own finisher against him! Will he be able to keep the momentum going?

Sly Drury d. Totalis, the Tournament Master via DQ when the ref sees Totalis hitting Drury with Title Quest – ***1/2 – Drury demanded this match to ‘teach Totalis a lesson for hopping from team to team.’ A brawl from the start, it ended when Totalis tried to use underhanded tactics to get the win!

SLY DRURY:  Whelp!  You have not learned you lesson!  I aim to teach you at STORMFRONT!  Hardcore Titan Death Match!  Let the beatings begin!

Demon Godsend d. Epoch via DQ when Commander Sam clocked Demon Godsend over the head with a chair – ** – Commander Sam has sent Epoch to deal with Demon Godsend for putting his hands on Elina! Bad blood between everyone involved and it was no wonder it devolved into an all out brawl with Commander Same getting some HUGE shots in against the monster. FDF TRADITION ran ringside to join the fray and Demon Godsend took a powder into the audience! This Demon Godsend vs the FDF feud is on FIRE!

ROYAL UPRISING & BURNING MAN d. Godsend & CASTILEX via submission when Exo-King locked Godsend in a rib crusher – ***** – What a main event! So many near falls! Truthfully, things looked dire for the LIBERATORS team but they were able to turn things around!

After the bell an all out brawl broke out and the fans were egging them all on as we…