Card 2137.459 from Viruta Assembly Hall, Virtellia.

STORM won a hard fought battle against Cosmic Woman with VITORY LAP in a Hardcore Titan Death Match. Commander Sam interfered at one point and was ejected from ringside! Big win for the Aethrans to start off the night! 5

CHAMELEON CREATURES get a DQ win over FDF Tradition when Tank smashes Chameleon Creature Future Shock with a flagpole. The bad blood between these two teams continue. After the bell, Massif warned Commander Sam that he will not tolerate rule breaking by the hero team. 2

DEATH KNIGHT beat Orrus, the Unstoppable with I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM. Strong showing by Death Knight, putting him into Interplanetary Championship contention. 3

KRALLA used VILLAINESS BRAINBUSTER to beat Taichi in a Finisher Match. At one point, Lord Nexus tried to interfere and Kralla leveled him with a right hand! Kralla set the mood for the main event, giving The Conquerers the first win over The Titans. 4

THE FIGHTING TITANS beat The Conquerers in an incredible CTA-102 Triage Match. The blood was flowing on both sides but The Titans stood tall at the end. 5

– SABER eliminated Kenji, busting him open after a springboard clothesline.
– PERFECT SPECIMEN eliminated Epoch with a barrage of moves, finally busting him open with a Flawless Flying Dropkick.
– OVERTIME eliminated PSI with three GRAVITY BOMBS in a row that bloodied him.
– AZUMA crushed Murtak, busting him open with ZENSHO.
– PERFECT SPECIMEN locked Saber in the Excellence Elbow Lock and Saber strained so hard to get out his nose started to bleed and was eliminated.
– THARKAS made a huge comeback and bloodied Overtime after OBLITERATION.
– AZUMA gets the win for the Titans when he breaks Tharkas open with a TITAN DROP.

The fans went nuts as the Titans get the win and send the bloody Conquerers packing.