2137.458 – CIVIL WAR

Card 2137.458 Civil War from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos.

Single elimination tag team tournament. Winners get a title shot agains The Gladiators on Card 2137.460.

All matches Titan Death Rules.

Round One

MEAN STREETS beats Castilex when Patch covered Moog after DOUBLE DISPATCH. Mean Streets pull off a great come from behind win. Sly Drury, who was at ringside with Patch and Skiver, looked pleased. 2

CHAMELEON CREATURES take out FDF Tradition when Chameleon Creature Future Shock covers Climber after UNIVERSE SHATTERED. Tough loss here for for the FDF team as the incredibly strange Chameleon Creatures wrestled smart and advanced. 1

NOWHERE TO RUN crushed Better Than Human when Wolf locks PSI in the SAVAGE FACE LOCK. Wolf was out to prove a point after his recent loss against Epoch and made short work of PSI. SQUASH

EVOLVED shocked Titan Stand when Tarval locked Kenji in DEATH TRAP. Highly competitive match here and Tarval came out looking like a star once again. 3

Round Two

MEAN STREETS beat Chameleon Creatures when Patch hit Chameleon Creature Black Death with PATCH WORK. Mean Streets looked as good as they ever have. Seems their bad luck at the beginning of 2137 has changed. SQUASH

NOWHERE TO RUN wins over Evolved when Wolf made Tarval tap to SAVAGE FACE CLAW. Kill Prey and Wolf looked good in this match and advance to the finals. 2


MEAN STREETS beat Nowhere to Run when Patch got Wolf trapped in a TORTURE RACK. Mean Streets have made a full comeback and will now face The Gladiators at Big Bang. When asked if this win would impact Drury’s alliance with The Gladiators, Drury smiled and said, “What’s a title shot between friends?” 2