Card 2137.457 from GWF Lunar Arena, Earth’s Moon.

ELINA shocked Lady Godsend with a surprise victory with a fireman’s carry gutbuster. 2

KILL PREY wore out Epoch and beat him with GO FOR THE KILL. After Epoch crushed Wolf a few cards ago, he set his sights on Kill Prey. Kill Prey wasted no time putting Epoch in his place. 3

MONOLITH dominated Totalis, the Tournament Master with CATASTROPHE. Totalis had been saying he should have been in the Betrayal tournament instead of Monolith. Monolith responded in kind here. 3

HELSIN completely crushed Burning Man with BURIAL. This one was completely one sided. After the match, HelSin told Gryt, “The GWF is no place for monsters like Burning Man. I have just purified the Federation of him.” 2

Saber appeared and challenged the Fighting Titans Team to a CTA-102 Triage Match on Card 2137.459. Gryt asked for more details but Saber was tight lipped! The Galaxy Awaits to hear more details on this match and if Lord Nexus will accept.

MEAN STREETS qualified for the Civil War Tag Team Tournament beating Royal Uprising when Patch locked Exo-King in a TORTURE RACK. We haven’t seen Patch and Skiver team in many cards and they brought it tonight. They will face Castilex in the first round of the tournament. 2

In a match for the Galaxian Women’s Championship, BULLDOZE beat Catfight via disqualification when Maggie pounced on Bulldoze outside the ring! Impressively, Bulldoze swatted Maggie off of her but the ref called it. Catfight retained the title. Dark Menace demanded a rematch for Bulldoze at Big Bang. 2

UP NEXT: Card 2137.458 – Civil War – 8 team tag team tournament. Winners get a title shot at Big Bang.