Card 2137.456 from Scales of Justice Assembly Hall, Zuben el Genubi, Libra.

SCORN got a much needed win over Hyla with the WESTERN LASSO in a great opener. 4

SABER got a victory over Azuma when the action spilled outside the ring and Azuma smashed Saber against a turnbuckle post. After the match, Saber said, “It’s well known throughout the Galaxy that the Titans play dirty and this proves it! I’m going to have to crush Azuma!” 2

GODSEND beat Tempest with help from Demon Godsend in a Titan Death rematch from their Betrayal Qualifier. Tempest challenged Godsend to a Cosmic Cage match at Big Bang, “so it’s just you and me.” 5

COSMIC WOMAN got the victory via DQ over the returning Storm who shoved the ref. This was an all-out brawl from the opening bell! Both Dark Menace and Commander Sam got involved at one point. 4

BETTER THAN HUMAN qualified for the Civil War Tournament by beating the Natives of Castilex when Tharkas leveled Krud with ONLY HUMAN. Better Than Human will face Nowhere To Run in the opening round of Civil War on Card 2137.458. 2

SHAYNE retained the Interplanetary Championship with a DQ victory over Tarval who tried to choke Shayne with his net. Shayne immediately challenged Tarval to a rematch at Big Bang, for the title, but it would be a Showdown at Dusk Bullwhip Match. Tarval accepted. 3