2137.460 – BIG BANG

Card 2137.460 – Big Bang from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos.

ENDGAME defeated The Basilisk via DQ when Basilisk began choking Endgame with a chair at ringside. To say Endgame was not prepared for the brutality of The Basilisk is an understatement. The Basilisk tore Endgame to shreds before being disqualified, shocking many fans in attendance. 3

GODSEND used KINGDOM COME to beat Tempest in a Cosmic Cage Match, the rubber match in their series. Tempest seemed completely unprepared for this match as Godsend escaped the cage minutes after the opening bell. 2

BULLDOZE became the new Galaxian Women’s Champion defeating Catfight with a sidewalk slam. Incredibly competitive match but Catfight just couldn’t stop the onslaught that was Bulldoze. The Gladiators now hold three of the GWF’s four titles. 3

SHAYNE retained the Interplanetary Championship when he squashed Tarval the Trapper in a Showdown At Dusk Earth Bullwhip Match with EYE 4 EYE. All the star qualities we’ve seen from Tarval since The Reckoning were gone here as Shayne absolutely crushed him. SQUASH

NOTE: Shayne has held the Interplanetary Championship for a record 53 cards! Many are speculating he’s attempting to hold it for at least 75 cards to match his Galaxian Championship reign. It will be exciting to see what happens in 2138.

MEAN STREETS get a DQ victory over Galaxian Tag Team Championship The Gladiators when Paralyze storms the ring and hits Patch with a HEART STOPPER to break up a pin attempt. The Gladiators retain the titles. Sly Drury, who was at ringside, was furious! Dark Menace told him, “If you value your alliance with The Gladiators you will let this lie.” It didn’t look like Sly Drury would. 2

In the Main Event, Exo-King beat Galaxian Champion Aethran Overmaster via DQ when a frustrated Overmaster smashed his opponent with his war helmet. As Commissioner, Massif demanded the match be restarted. Dark Menace said Overmaster, who had to be supported by Siege and Fist after the bell, had fulfilled his contactual obligations as champion. The Gladiators teleported from the ring leaving Eco-King and Massif fuming to end the year. 5