Card 2137.453 from Supernova Solarium, Delphinus.

GODSEND picked up a DQ win over Tempest in a Betrayal Qualifier match. Flounch flew into the ring to prevent a pinfall and the ref disqualified Tempest as a result. Godsend was overjoyed and vowed to win the Betrayal tournament. 4

FDF TRADITION was victorious over Better Than Human when Tharkas was disqualified for hitting Tank with I Speak My Mind. 2

AZUMA shocked Siege with a big come from behind victory using ZENSHO to qualify for the Betrayal tournament! Siege ignored Dark Menace’s admonishments after the match. 2

The eight wrestlers who will compete in the Betrayal Tournament to crown a new Galaxian Champion are: Endgame, Monolith, Aethran Overmaster, Perfect Specimen, Orrus, Tarval Godsend and Azuma. Massif promises more info on the tournament next week and promises it will be unlike anything the Galaxy has seen.

HelSin and Burning Man battled to a bloody DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION. This one was brutal! Both men had something to prove and they were out to prove it by beating the hell out of each other. A truly sickening display that brought out Massif to apologize to the crowd for the violence. 4

AETHRAN SOLDIER stunned Demon Godsend with a diving head butt victory. Dark Menace was heard to say after the match, “Siege could learn a lot from this young man!” SQUASH

CATFIGHT retained the Galaxian Women’s Championship when she leveled Killer Queen with FELINE FURY in the Main Event. A quick and dominant victory for the champ. 2