Card 2137.452 from Hyades Pyramid, Tauras.

Massif announced that Endgame, Monolith, Aethran Overmaster and The Perfect Specimen have all qualified for the Galaxian Title Tournament on Card 2137.455 – Betrayal. 

Tonight two of four qualifying matches will begin to determine the other four entrants.

In the first Betrayal Qualifying match, ORRUS, THE UNSTOPPABLE beat Death Knight via DQ when Death Knight smashed Orrus with his lance.  Massif, wanting rules to be followed, said that a wrestler who is DQ’d will not advance and he was true to his word here. 1

HYLA got a big victory over Kralla with LOW TIDES. Hyla looked great here and ran circles around Kralla.  The fans were happy, as always, to see Flounch at ringside. 1

TARVAL THE TRAPPER won his Betrayal Qualifying Match against Exo-King, beating him with DEATH TRAP.  After the bell, Tarval trapped Exo-King in his net and laughed as Massif tried to free him. 2

CHAMELEON CREATURES bested Castilex via DQ when Sentinel ignored the ref and gave Chameleon Creature Black Death a piledriver on the arena floor.  This devolved into a brawl afterwards and security had to separate the four wrestlers. 2

SABER beat Faller in a hard fought match with a Falling Face Slam.  Saber demanded a match against whomever won the main event tonight.  3

SHAYNE retained the Interplanetary Championship in a rematch against Tempest with SHOWDOWN.  This one had the crowd on their feet and had Tempest seconds from victory.  After the match, Massif announced that Tempest would get a Betrayal Qualifying match next card against Godsend.  Could this be Tempest’s big opportunity? Time will tell. 4