Results from Card 2137.451 from Vesta Sports Complex, Vesta, Asteroid Belt.

Massif started the show announcing that the Galaxian Championship would be filled via tournament at Card 2137.455, Betrayal at the Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos. Qualifying matches, if necessary, will take place in the next few cards.

COSMIC WOMAN trounces the unstable Scorn in quick fashion.  After the match Scorn again ran from the ring, screaming and clutching her head. Squash

ORRUS, THE UNSTOPPABLE beat Burning Man via DQ when Burning Man slammed Orrus on a table at ringside.  Tarval attempted to trap Burning Man to ‘study him’ but Burning Man elluded capture. 2

ENDGAME made short work of Tarval, the Trapper with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR.  There is no question Tarval was outmatched in this encounter. 2

TITAN STAND beats Better Than Human in an incredible match when Overtime covers PSI after a Targeting Spear.  Match of the night, for sure! The entire crowd were on their feet. 5

EXO-KING beats Murtak with the EXO-VISE (+6).  After the match, Murtak tried to run from ringside but Death Knight caught him and made him bow to Exo-King. 2

GLADIATORS retain the Galaxian Tag Titles in an astonishing come from behind victory against FDF Tradition when Siege covered Tank after the AETHRAN CRIPPLER. FDF Tradition used quick tags to isolate Siege, wearing him down but out of nowhere Siege made a comeback and got the win.  Dark Menace vowed that this was only the beginning and the Aethran would take over the GWF as they have Castilex. 3