2137.450 – THE PRIZE

Card 2137.450 – The Prize – From Callisto Centroplex, Jupiter.

SHAYNE beat Epoch two falls to one to retain the Interplanetary Championship in a nail biter of an opener and a Match of the Year candidate!
1. Epoch dominated the first fall, winning with THE DARK AGE.
2. Shayne shocked Epoch with Shayne’s Fury and SHOWDOWN to win the second fall.
3. Shayne came from behind and used EYE 4 EYE to put Epoch away.

PERFECT SPECIMEN easily beat The Basilisk in a Cosmic Cage Match when he escaped after a Flawless Flying Dropkick. ***

CATFIGHT became the new Galaxian Women’s Champion when she pinned Lady Godsend with a cartwheel clothesline in a Tirion Triple Threat Match that included Scorn! Scorn was not happy to not be involved in the deciding fall and the loss seemed to have hit her hard as she left ringside screaming. ****

SLY DRURY, still flaunting his suspension, became the new Galaxian Champion, putting Monolith away with REGIME CHANGE! During the match, Patch and Skiver rushed to ringside to beat on Monolith while Drury distracted the ref. They then prevented Catfight from getting involved in the finish. *****

As Drury and Mean Streets celebrated their win, Massif came to ringside saying when he becomes Commissioner later in the evening, Drury would pay. Drury, Patch and Skiver ignored his threats.

MASSIF’S TEAM (Wolf, Kill Prey, Tempest, Azuma & Godsend) DEFEATED DARK MENACE’S TEAM (Aethran Overmaster, Siege, Fist, Paralyze & Aethran Soldier) IN AN AETHRAN ULTIMATE ESCAPE MATCH!
1. Wolf made short work of Paralyze, escaping after a deathjump from the top of the cage.
2. Azuma prevented Paralyze from making a tag and made his escape after a perfect crossbody block from the top rope.
3. Tempest again prevented Paralyze from tagging his frustrated team and escaped after hitting the worn out Aethran with a Jackknife Dive.
4. Godsend used KINGDOM COME to easily escape against an Aethran Soldier. At ringside, Dark Menace was pulling out his hair! Kill Prey was the sole member of Massif’s team left.
5. Aethran Overmaster scored the first victory for Dark Menace’s team escaping after leveling Kill Prey with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER.
6. Fist quickly escapes after smashing Kill Prey with a Gladiator Piledriver.
7. Kill Prey secures an unbelievable victory, escaping against Aethran Soldier after hitting him with GO FOR THE KILL.

Massif is now the sole Commissioner of the GWF! Dark Menace is furious!

Massif declares that law and order is back in the GWF! His first act as Commissioner is to strip Sly Drury of the Galaxian Championship! He then doubled Sly Drury, Patch and Skiver’s suspensions for 6 cards! He also suspended Bulldoze and Storm for 4 cards for flaunting their previous suspensions and announced that going forward, anyone who breaks their suspension will be fired!

The GWF has entered a new era for sure!


  1. Wayne on November 7, 2021 at 1:35 am

    Wow. A tournament for the vacant belt incoming perhaps?

    • TrentLawless on November 7, 2021 at 11:41 am

      There is a big end of the year tournament. Seems like an appropriate place to crown a new champ! ;). Thanks for reading.