Card 2137.449 from Rigel Nova Pavilion, Orion.

CHAMELEON CREATURES beat Natives of Castilex when Chameleon Creature Future Shock covered Krud after Future Shocker. The Natives wrestled the match of their lives and came close to winning a few times!  ****

SHANN-RA upset Bulldoze with AMBUSCADE in a match where Dark Menace was ejected from ringside. Menace vowed to fire the ref once he was installed as Commissioner. *****

FDF TRADITION became the number one contenders by beating Castilex when Tank covered Sentinel after the PEACEMAKER SLINGSHOT. ***

ENDGAME squashed Saber in a Finisher Match with the ROLLING FIGURE FOUR.  Saber didn’t even know what hit him!  SQUASH

TEMPEST beat Tarval with HIGH TIDES in a highly competitive match.  Tempest has earned another shot at the Interplanetary Title with this win. *****

In the Main Event, SLY DRURY crushed Godsend with REGIME CHANGE to become the #1 Contender to the Galaxian Championship. Drury was flaunting his suspension by appearing tonight!  Massif warned him after the match that if he is able to beat Monolith, Massif would rule the title change invalid.  Drury didn’t seemed concerned. SQUASH