Card 2137.448 from the Titan Sportatorium, Saturn.

HYLA beat Sinful with LOW TIDES in a back and forth encounter. After the match, Hyla delivered a brutal knee to Sinful’s head, injuring her. ****

HYLA: Sinful, you and that disgusting vampire need to keep away from The Ani-Men.

SKIVER beat HelSin via pinfall with the LACERATOR. Skiver looking impressive in his first solo match in some time, handing HelSin what some are calling an upset loss. **

EXO-KING bested Demon Godsend with a King Clothesline. After the match it looked like Exo-King might continue his beat down on his hated enemy, but Massif stopped him and extended a hand to Demon Godsend. Demon Godsend refused and left the ring as Exo-King questioned Massif’s motives. **

SLY DRURY took out Death Knight with REGIME CHANGE.  After the bell, Sly Drury signaled for Patch and Skiver and all three men began beating on Death Knight before Exo-King and security could run them off.  Death Knight looked injured and Massif announced 3 card suspensions for Drury, Patch and Skiver.  Drury laughed saying they’d never stick once Dark Menace is in control! ****

The Basilisk picked up a DQ win against Perfect Specimen after Spec smashed him with a chair. Perfect Specimen looking for some revenge against Basilisk for injuring Faller but takes things too far for the ref’s tastes. DUD

In the main event, the GLADIATORS retained the Galaxian Tag Team Championship via DQ when Orrus clobbered Siege with a computer tablet he’d brought to ringside. **