Card 2137.447 from Mira CETI War Memorial, Cetus.

The card started with Dark Menace announcing the stipulations for the upcoming match to determine the GWF’s true Commissioner between him and Massif.  It’ll happen on card 2137.450 and it’s called THE PRIZE.  A ten man Aethran Ultimate Escape match between Dark Menace’s team of Aethran Overmaster, Seige, Fist, Paralyze and Aethran Soldier versus a team of Massif’s choosing!

The Dark Menace has stacked the deck even more in his favor by saying that Massif may not choose anyone from The Liberator’s team or Endgame!  Who will Massif be able to recruit for his cause?  Stay tuned.

STORM defeated Elina with VICTORY LAP in a competitive opener. **

CASTILEX won via DQ over FDF Tradition when Tank was DQ’d for attempting a pin save against the ref’s orders. A brawl ensued after the bell. **

Tempest squashed Necros with Deadly Whirlpool in a quick match. Necros had been making advances towards Hyla and Tempast put a quick stop to it. After the bell, Tempest performed a huge dive from the top turnbuckle, injuring Necros! SQUASH

TEMPEST:  Necros better keep himself away from Hyla or he’ll get worse than what he just got!

PATCH shocked the crowd by making Azuma submit to the TORTURE RACK. Patch and Skyver are trying the solo route and Patch picks up a big win against Azuma! ***

EVOLVED made short work of Titan Stand when Orrus leveled Overtime with the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM.  Evolved are the new #1 contenders to the Galaxian Tag Team Championship.  They’ll face the Gladiators for the titles on card 2137.448 **

SHAYNE retained the Interplanetary Championship in a Bullwhip Match against Epoch with EYE 4 EYE.  Shayne made a huge come from behind victory here as Epoch dominated the whole match!  Epoch is demanding another shot.  ****