Card 2137.446 from Fire Island, Mercury.

NOWHERE TO RUN squashed BETTER THAN HUMAN when Tharkas gave up to Wolf’s SAVAGE FACE CLAW.  Tharkas and Psi were looking for this win to catapult them into title contention.  It didn’t work. SQUASH

ENDGAME beat Saber with THIS ENDS NOW! In a wild Milky Way Falls Count Anywhere Match!  After the bell, Tharkas came out and attacked Endgame from behind!  Saber and Endgame repeatedly smashed Endgame with ceremonial helmets until officials could clear the ring.  Endgame was injured (2 cards.) *****

Shayne retained the Interplanetary Championship where Epoch was disqualified for brawling at ringside. Epoch demanded a rematch with special rules.  Shayne said the only match he’d do is a Bullwhip Match!  Will Epoch accept? *

Dark Menace vs. Massif Team Challenge
Winning team decides the stipulations for the match that will determine, once and for all, who the GWF Commissioner is. All matches are Titan Death Rules.

FIST scores a solid victory for Dark Menace when he smashes Death Knight with WEAPONS. ***

BULLDOZE gets a hard fought win smashing Killer Queen with a backbreaker in an outstanding match. This victory gives Dark Menace the right to chose the stipulation for the big match.. “Might as well save time and just make me Commissioner now!” *****

AETHRAN OVERMASTER beats Exo-King in the main event with the Ultimate Death Slam.  Overmaster drives home Dark Menace’s victory.  “When Menace is finally the sole Commissioner, his first act will be to give me a GALAXIAN Title match against Monolith in a Cosmic Cage!” ***