THE BASILISK d. Faller with a Behemoth Running Tackle in a MILKY WAYS FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH.  Faller brought the fight, but The Basilisk was just too much.  After the match, as Lord Nexus tended to an injured Faller, Basilisk charged the Titan’s Manager.  Perfect Specimen ran ringside to make sure Nexus wasn’t touched. *****

COSMIC WOMAN crushed Kralla with VORTEX UNLEASHED in a quick match. SQUASH

STORM beat Killer Queen in a TITAN DEATH MATCH with an enhanced MILITARY PURGE. Due to the terms of the match, Storm’s suspension has been lifted. Dark Menace taunted Massif saying, if Storm had lost she wouldn’t have obeyed the suspension anyway. *****

CHAMELEON CREATURES beat Evolved via DQ when Tarval clobbered the ref with his net during a pin attempt.  Evolved has plans to capture Chameleon Creatures and run experiments on them. They come up short here. ****

Saber won over Endgame via DQ when Endgame shoved the ref! Saber had been taunting Endgame the past few cards and Endgame’s temper boiled over in this meeting. DUD

In a Main Event, 2 out of 3 falls Titan Death Match, Aethran Overmaster bested Godsend, in two straight falls!  This one was wild with interference from Demon Godsend, Paralyze and Dark Menace!  Demon Godsend dragged Godsend quickly away from the ring as Overmaster stood triumphantly.  “My victory was a mandate.  The Gladiators control Castilex now and forever!” *****