KILLER QUEEN beat Sinful in a hard-fought Coffin Match! After her win Killer Queen warned Necros and Sinful to stay away from her for good! *****

The Basilisk versus Faller resulted in a double countout when neither wrestler was able to return to the ring after Cry of the Basilisk. **

ELINA defeated Storm with RESURRECTION. Storm, like Bulldoze, is flaunting her suspension and enraging Massif in the process. Dark Menace continues to say that he has nullified the Gladiators’ suspensions and they are free to wrestle. This will come to a head soon. **

SLY DRURY bested Perfect Specimen with REGIME CHANGE in a close match. Drury immediately demanded a shot at the GALAXIAN TITLE held by Monolith. ***

GLADIATORS crushed Nowhere To Run in a nontitle match when Siege covered Kill Prey after the AETHRAN CRIPPLER. The champs cut the ring in half and just destroyed Kill Prey, stopping Wolf’s attempts to turn the tide at every opportunity. SQUASH

In the Main Event, SCORN retained the GALAXIAN WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP when Catfight was disqualified for brawling outside the ring. The Gauntlet MVP blows her shot at the title by letting her emotions get the better of her. **