Card 2137.454 from Northern Cross Auditorium, Cygnus.

Massif began the show by announcing that the Betrayal Tournament on Card 2137.455 would be a Cosmic Storm tournament, a completely new innovation that is unique to The Galaxy’s Finest™.

All 8 wrestlers would start at ringside and assigned a number, 1-8. Two numbers will be randomly selected and those two wrestlers will fight under Titan Death Rules until there is a winner. Then two more numbers are randomly selected.

A wrestler is eliminated when they have lost two matches and the matches continue until one wrestler remains. That wrestler will be crowned the new Galaxian Champion. This promises to be one of the most grueling matches ever seen and you’ll only see it in The Galaxy’s Finest™!

FIST crushed Murtak with a flying cross chop. After Siege’s loss on card 2137.453, Murtak had been campaigning to replace him on the Gladiator team. Fist quickly and decisively declined the offer. 1

LADY GODSEND beat Scorn with QUEEN OF THE REALM in an incredibly competitive Titan Death Match. Scorn was furious that Lady Godsend has cost her the Galaxian Women’s Championship and had demanded this match but she came up short. After the loss, Scorn rushed from the ring screaming. She is not well. 5

TOTALIS, THE TOURNAMENT MASTER used FINAL ROUND to get the win over The Basilisk in a brutal match. After the match Totalis began calling himself, ‘The Monster Slayer.’ 5

TITAN STAND was victorious over Natives of Castilex when Kenji covered Ygorr after a ONE INCH PUNCH. Overtime started the match but Krud and Ygorr’s quick tags kept him off balance. He was finally able to make the tag to Kenji who came in and cleaned house. 1

EPOCH crushed Wolf in three moves, putting him away with a Pavo Powerbomb. For the past few days, Epoch had been giving interviews saying it was time for Wolf to retire. Wolf didn’t take too kindly to that and challenged Epoch to a match. Epoch seemed to have proved his point tonight. SQUASH

COSMIC WOMAN used SHOOTING STAR to get the win over the returning Sinful in the Main Event. Sinful, back from injury, looked great but was outmatched by Cosmic Woman. 4