SHAYNE easily defeated Tempest with EYE 4 EYE to retain the Interplanetary title in the rematch he granted the Ani-Man. Tempest was disappointed after but the two shook hands. ***

Flaunting Commissioner Massif’s suspension, BULLDOZE made short work of Hyla with a powerbomb. After the match, Massif said he was doubling Bulldoze’s suspension! Dark Menace said, under his authority she is not suspended. It almost came to blows between Massif and Dark Menace! **

CASTILEX crushed The Natives when Sentinel flattened Krud with a Sentinel Standing Moonsault. After the match, Castilex challenged Nowhere To Run to a match as the Dominion/Ani-Men feud heats up! SQUASH

DEATH KNIGHT (II) used a Loaded Glove to beat Totalis in a Cygnus Brass Knuckles Match. Some back and forth but overall, Death Knight was in control. *****

EPOCH beat HelSin via disqualification when the action spilled ringside and HelSin began choking Epoch with his cloak. **

TITAN STAND beat Evolved in the Main Event when Overtime hit Orrus with a GRAVITY BOMB. Tarval and Orrus almost came to blows after this match. Tarval has become more and more defiant to Orrus after being crowned the MVP of his night of The Reckoning. ****