Massif announced that soon the GWF would resume tours of the galaxy but noted they’d avoid ‘hot beds’ such as Castilex and Aethra. Dark Menace was not happy.

STORM beat Catfight with VICTORY LAP in a Titan Death Match. After the match, Paralyze blindsided Monolith who was at ringside with Catfight and Storm and Bulldoze pummeled Catfight with fists wrapped in chains! Catfight is injured, again and Massif suspended Storm and Bulldoze for 4 cards. Dark Menace vowed the suspensions would not stand. **

FDF TRADITION scored a huge non-title victory of the GLADIATORS when Climber covered Siege after FDF TRADITION. Commander Sam immediately demanded a title match on the next card. Dark Menace said that was not likely to happen. *****

DEMON GODSEND used COVER OF DARKNESS to take out Paralyze. Not a good night at all for the Gladiators. ***


NOWHERE TO RUN beat Chameleon Creatures when Kill Prey lockecked Chameleon Creature Future Shock in a sleeper hold. After the bell, Chameleon Creatures seemed to attempt to turn into Wolf and Kill Prey but were unable to do so. ****

AETHRAN OVERMASTER got revenge on Godsend in a Cosmic Cage, escaping after REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER. A much needed win for Overmaster and he achieved it with a dominant showing. Dark Menace pronounced that Overmaster is now ready for his rematch for the Galaxian Title! ***