2137.437 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 1

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!


HYLA beat Killer Queen with HIGH TIDES in an amazing opener. *****

HYLA went on to defeat Bulldoze with LOW TIDES frustrating Dark Menace! With Storm out of action due to injury, the Gladiators were pinning all hopes on Bulldoze. ****

KRALLA ends Hyla’s run, pinning her after a CENTRA SPINEBUSTER. The fan’s cheered Hyla for her impressive matches tonight. *

KRALLA beats Sinful with a CENTRA SPINEBUSTER in a short match. **

KRALLA upsets Cosmic Woman using a VILLAINESS BRAINBUSTER. The fans weren’t happy with this result. ***

CATFIGHT delights the crowd when she uses FELIE FURY to defeat Kralla. **

CATFIGHT beats Elina with FELINE FURY in a match that got very heated between the two heroes! **

CATFIGHT was able to get the win over Lady Godsend with FELINE FURY. Lady Godsend started the match demanding the release of Demon Godsend by the Ani-Men. Things got so heated during the match that Monolith came to ringside and even broke up a pinning combination. ****

CATFIGHT continues her incredible run with a quick victory over Taichi with jumping knees to the face. **

CATFIGHT earns a title shot with a victory over Shann-Ra after FELINE FURY! The crowd was 100% in Catfight’s corner at this point. **

Galaxian Women’s Champion SCORN uses a cross body block on Catfight to retain her title. Catfight comes up short but is the MVP of the night. This is her second time as MVP (last time was in 2133). ***