Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

KRALLA squashed Killer Queen (II) after hitting her with the CENTRA SPINEBUSTER twice. Kralla is looking to get back into the title picture and made a statement here. SQUASH

After the match, Necros and Sinful appeared at ringside and Necrow went to help Killer Queen (II) to her feet. When she saw who it was she shoved him away. This brought out Exo-King (II).

EXO-KING (II) beat Necros in a close match with the Liberation Lance. After winning, Exo-King (II) warned Necros to stay far away from Killer Queen (II). ****

COSMIC WOMAN steamrolled Bulldoze with the SHOOTING STAR in a TITAN DEATH MATCH. Bulldoze not faring well after returning from injury as she suffers her first loss in the GWF! Cosmic Woman is rapidly becoming the most popular wrestler in her division with her continuous show of force against the Gladiators. *****

DEATH KNIGHT (II) went the limit with The Basilisk, putting the beast down after I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM. Massif was again ejected during this match for interfering! Dark Menace said enough is enough, Massif must be removed as co-commissioner immediately! In the commotion, The Basilisk slipped away into the crowd. *****

PERFECT SPECIMEN got the win over Saber with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS. Perfect Specimen looking to gain traction again with a win against his perennial rival. ***

In the Main Event, TITAN STAND got a DQ victory over Mean Streets after Patch smashed Overtime with a chair. Mean Streets is becoming desperate for a win. It’s not helping when they see the champions, Chameleon Creatures turning into them! Skiver and Patch swear this is the Chameleon Creature mocking them! TITAN STAND looked good here until the finish. **