Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

HYLA picked up another win against Kralla using LOW TIDES. A big win over former champ Kralla put Hyla on a winning track. After the match, Kralla is smashes a floating camera with the butt of her gun in frustration. SQUASH

DEMON GODSEND has trouble but finally hits a perfect cross body block to put away the Aethran Soldier. After the match, Demon Godsend blindsided Paralyze who had interfered in the match! He challenged him to a one on one encounter! ***

LADY GODSEND took down Taichi with QUEEN OF THE REALM in a match Lady Godsend had demanded! She was frustrated she never got her rematch after losing the Galaxian Women’s Title to Taichi. After winning, Lady Godsend demanded she get a title shot. Commissioner Dark Menace said he would ‘think about it.’ *****

AZUMA put Epoch away with ZENSHO in a quick match that delighted the Titan crowd. **

NOWHERE TO RUN gets a victory over MEAN STREETS when Patch is disqualified for choking Wolf with a chain at ringside. MEAN STREETS is still winless this year and seem to be taking their frustration out on anyone within arms reach! ***

In the Main Event, SLY DRURY beat Endgame with Last Call. Massif had argued that Endgame should get another title shot against Aethran Overmaster and Dark Menace disagreed. The compromise, dictated by champion Aethran Overmaster, was if Endgame could beat Sly Drury he’d get his rematch! Drury makes Dark Menace and Aethran Overmaster proud by winning cleanly. Massif is not pleased. **