Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

SINFUL picks up her first win of 2137 when she beats Elina with a choke slam. Sinful copied Elina’s every move in this match, it was eerie to watch. ****

FALLER beat Burning Man with a leg drop off the turnbuckle. Faller dominated this one, hardly allowing Burning Man any offense. Lord Nexus seemed pleased with Faller’s win. ***

FDF TRADITION scored big over former champs Castilex when Tank covered Moog after FDF TRADITION. Climber and Tank are arguably the best tag team in the fed today. After the match, Commander Sam said that FDF Tradition is looking for the tag belts but before that they want the Gladiators! Challenge thrown down! Will the Gladiators accept? **

ORRUS won over HelSin via DQ when the action spilled ringside and HelSin again used his mallet on his opponent! HelSin had demanded this match after Orrus interfered in his match with Tarval. HelSin challenged Orrus to a return match, but Orrus seemed to be happy with the DQ win and left without responding. HelSin was not happy. **

TEMPEST put Totalis away quickly with HIGH TIDES in a FINISHER MATCH. Tempest looked great here and frustrated Totalis at every turn. After the match, Tempest told Gryt that Totalis should join Burning Man and pack it in because he’s outclassed them both. ***

In the Main Event, The GLADIATORS beat Better Than Human in a SURVIVAL RULES MATCH.
1. Fist got disqualified after ramming THARKAS’ head into a ring post against the ref’s warnings.
2. SIEGE flattened PSI with an enhanced AETHRAN CRIPPLER to send the mental master packing.
3. Siege then puts the nail in Better Than Human’s coffin buy pinning Tharkas after a Siege stunner. ****

After the bell, Godsend teleports to the ring and hits Siege from behind with KINGDOM COME! Before Paralyze and Dark Menace can grab him he teleports away!

Are the fans starting to cheer for Godsend in his quest to beat all the Gladiators?!